Tuesday 28 May 2013

Mughli, Manchester

Mughli, Manchester
My sister in law is a very clever lady. She jets off all around the world in her role as a fashion designer, creates the most beautiful wedding favours in her spare time and recently landed a new job to boot. A celebration was in order! We decided a curry was our best option as Jenny doesn't eat red meat, and wanted something tasty.

I had recently read a fantastic review of Mughli over at Hungry Hoss' blog, where there was talk of gunpowder chips and Pakistani street food. Belly rumbling, I rang to book a table toot sweet. The chap on the phone was lovely, and suggested we book a Kashmiri booth for the occasion - wonderful! 

Mughli is situated on Wilmslow Road, in the heart of the curry mile. As Hoss said in his review, there aren't as many curry houses as there used to be, but judging by how busy they all were at 7.30pm on a Saturday - the remaining ones are doing very well indeed.
Mughli, Manchester
We didn't get off to a great start. We were greeted by a pleasant lady with an impressive 'booking in' system on in iPad. Swish. Unfortunately, there was no reference to our booth booking and she informed us that they were all taken about half an hour ago. I don't deal well with disappointment! She gave us a table near the window instead. The windows have a strange orange tint on them, which is a little cruel on the peepsters when the room is bathed in sunlight. It also makes photographs a little 'warm'.

I'm glad to say it got better from then on. Their range of drinks is imaginative, including refreshing little numbers like the mango muddler (below, left) and Lahori breezer (below, right) as well as the usual wines and big brand beers. They even drew a face in my mango lassi, which was so good that it was swiftly stolen by the sibling (he has a Fruit Corner addiction - it's a shame).
Mughli, Manchester - Drinks
Poppadoms come with mango chutney, chilli tamarind sauce, mint yoghurt, red onions, garlic pickle, and rajasthani salad. The chilli tamarind sauce is delicious, but should not be shovelled into your mouth like mango chutney. It burns...
Mughli, Manchester - Poppadoms, Chutney and Pickles
For starters we ordered (clockwise from the top left) a Bombay basket (spinach and cheese tikki, onion bhajias, chicken samosa, vegetable samosa and railway chicken), the samosa chaat, railway chicken and the tava roll from the charcoal pit. All very nice indeed, but very filling.
Mughli, Manchester - Starters
For mains we had (clockwise from top left again) lamb nihari, chicken madras, chicken shashlik and chicken khada massala.

Not content with enough food to fill the table, we also ordered gunpowder chips, cheese and garlic naans, keema pulao rice and saag paneer.
Mughli, Manchester - Sides
I can't remember the last time I was so full. Mughli is a decent curry house serving your normal crowd pleasers plus a few house specials. The tava roll is pretty good as were the little railway chicken pieces. I also really liked the choice of fruit based drinks. My husband was particularly pleased with the gunpowder chips too. The naan breads could do with being a little fluffier and with more cheese! 

On the whole Mughli was a decent curry and the service was pretty good too. There was the slight misdemeanour with the reservation, but that can be forgiven because the food was good. I'd definitely go back here. I'm just gutted that I didn't check whether funky pie was on the menu...

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  1. I have checked their online menu and can't see a mention of funky pie, this is an outrage for a supposed "authentic" Indian restaurant!

    On a plus side that tava roll looks amazing and I am now hungry having only just eaten my tea.

    1. I don't think I could have dealt with the disappointment of no funky pie. It was better never to know I suppose...

  2. Yummmmm sounds really nice. I want some now :)


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