Tuesday 28 May 2013

Meal Planning Monday (on a Tuesday)

Meal Planning Monday
Last week went a bit off piste... I stuck to my meal plans but went berserk in between. The bank holiday (and my greed) completely kiboshed my good girl behaviour. I'm on track the majority of the time so I can be naughty now and again. Unfortunately for my backside, this means I have put three and a half pounds on... Sugar...

Here are some of the culprits... Yes, there is pastry, cake, curry, pancakes, burgers... yes... that is a Snickers waffle. Don't judge. It was well nice.
Slimming World FAIL
However, before the bank holiday hit I was an utter saint - see below.

Clockwise we have:

  • My own bodyweight in super free strawberries plus lots of other lovely fruits.
  • Southern style chicken and cajun fries.
  • Mac and cheese with broccoli.
  • Chicken seasoned with chipotle smoked sea salt with paprika wedges and mixed vegetables.
  • Cowboy hotpot
  • Chilli and rice

All of these were Slimming World recipes too! I can't say that any of them tasted like diet food. They were all lovely and even got the seal of approval from my husband.
Slimming World WIN
So this week's 'back on track' plan looks a little like this:
  • Monday: Write off... I'm including this as part of the Bank Holiday saga...
  • Tuesday: Chicken jalfrezi (Hairy Dieters' Cookbook)
  • Wednesday: Cajun chicken and wedges (Slimming World friendly)
  • Thursday: Gammon, roasted new potatoes and mushy peas (Slimming World friendly)
  • Friday: Steak and chips with mixed vegetables (Slimming World friendly)
  • Saturday: Leaving this day free in case we go out.
  • Sunday: Meatballs and mash (Hairy Dieters' Cookbook)
Once again, if you know of any ace Slimming World friendly recipes, please leave a message below. Here's to a better weigh in next week...

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  1. The Slimming World recipes look lovely! As for the first pics of food (your of the bandwagon pics), we have all been there :-) The snickers waffles looks so lush! x

    1. I can confirm that said Snickers waffles were amazing...


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