Wednesday 1 May 2013

Bonbon Chocolate Boutique, Manchester

Bonbon Chocolate Boutique, Manchester
The first time I clapped eyes on Bonbon Chocolate Boutique, I was a little afraid of going in for a nosy because it's so small. Well, curiosity got the better of me and a few weeks ago my husband and I paid a little visit whilst we were waiting for Marble to open.
Bonbon Chocolate Boutique, Manchester
We went as soon as it opened at 11am, so we were the only people in there for a while, which was perfect because I got time to have a good look round without getting in everyone's way. There are only a handful of tables but quite a few people came in for takeaway hot chocolate whilst we were in there.

Drinks are made from a cauldron of molten chocolate and then have special ingredients added, such as coffee or salted caramel. All the truffles and cakes are made by their chocolatier who apparently works in their basement... Visions of a chocolate covered creature who hasn't seen daylight since December...
Bonbon Chocolate Boutique, Manchester - Chocolates
I decided to try the standard hot chocolate and my husband had the mocha. They come in huge bowl like cups, which at first glance look like chocolate soup. If this was anything like Slattery's hot chocolate, a mere mortal would be high as a kite! Luckily the chocolate at Bonbon isn't as sweet. It's very rich but not as thick. They are obviously using high grade chocolate because it has an almost bitter taste to it which is then lifted by the milk.

Bonbon do a great range of house truffles, and I also spotted their signature flourless chocolate cake. I'm confident that this would see me off to sleep within two minutes of consumption.

This is a great little pit stop before lunch or mid-shop. Sometimes only a hit of sugar in liquid form will do...

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