Tuesday 21 May 2013

Pictures from Tatton Park Foodies' Festival, Knutsford

Tatton Park Foodies' Festival
On Sunday I was lucky enough to be asked to the Foodies' Festival at Tatton Park. It had been a week full of damp weather, so I was hoping for a bit of an improvement. I have a terrible track record with food festivals and rain...

We arrived at Tatton Park to find the sun peeping though the clouds and the grass bouncy, but not sodden. No wellies required...
Tatton Park Foodies' Festival
The first thing we did was go to a presentation by beer expert Melissa Cole. She did a brilliant talk on how beer is made, how to taste it properly, and then she talked us through some of her favourites. My husband was particularly pleased with the tasting session! 
Tatton Park Foodies' Festival
Starved, we headed to the food vendors. We both had a curry with mango lassi, but then Paddy decided he was still hungry so had a burger too! I followed the waft of cinnamon and ended up with churros dipped in chocolate.
Tatton Park Foodies' Festival
It was pretty busy, but there was still plenty of space to walk around. We even managed to get a seat whilst eating, which is a bit of a rarity at these events. Granted, I was the stealthiest curry-wielding visitor in the park...
Tatton Park Foodies' Festival
Bring on Bolton Food Festival...

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