Monday 20 May 2013

Meal Planning Monday - Finding a Balance

Meal Planning Monday
If you read my blog regularly, you'll know that my two main hobbies are baking and eating out. The unfortunate side effect of this is getting rather fat. I'm lucky in the respect that I don't pile weight on easily, but the last couple of years have been a steady path to self destruction. My back is sore, I'm tired and I don't appreciate the treats in the same way.

I tried the 5:2 diet, but my 'normal' days probably couldn't be considered normal for most people. I have also tried calorie counting, which yielded great results but 1000 calories per day just isn't sustainable. I needed something else. I want to eat relatively normally, feel full and still enjoy my hobbies. I need balance in my life!

Lots of my friends at work have lost lots of weight on Slimming World. Emma has just hit two stones, Michelle about three and Corinne a whopping four! They have actually lost my ideal weight between them! Inspired by their success, I'm giving it a bash. I don't want to go to a club and I won't be doing it 100% of the time, but any improvement is a bonus.
Meal Planning Monday - Slimming World
I have stolen this from Corinne's Facebook...
I know she won't mind me sharing it because she's done so chuffing well!
I have been doing it for a couple of weeks so far and have already lost half a stone. It's worth mentioning that I am still eating out but I have cleaned up my act for the rest of the time. I'm sure that rate of weight loss will slow down, but I already feel tonnes better. So, this week's meal plan is out of necessity...

All the meals outlined below are healthy versions, but still taste amazing. I generally use 5 of my 15 syns on a Curly Wurly. Sue me. It keeps me sane.

Monday: Jacket potato with one slice of mozzarella cheese (healthy A), mixed veg and 100g of low fat coleslaw (5 syns)
Tuesday: Chicken with homemade spicy wedges and broccoli (all free)
Wednesday: Booth's Cookalong Night - don't know yet!
Thursday: Macaroni Cheese (free - cheese healthy A)
Friday: Chilli with boiled rice (all free)
Saturday: Out with the sibling for tea.
Sunday: Roast turkey with mixed veg and roasties (all free)

If you have tried Slimming World, I'd appreciate any good recipes!

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  1. If you were going for 1000 calories per day on calorie counting, no wonder you were struggling. I wouldn't consider going below 1500 calories!

    Good luck anyway.

    1. I did it before my wedding - I was HARDCORE! It's not sustainable or particularly healthy either...

  2. Hey, I've been doing slimming world for a couple of months and not lost as much as you but steadily losing and I'm eating so much more than I was before! I think it's a great plan cos it encourages healthy eating and home cooking :) We love making syn-free quiche and coleslaw and the pancakes are amazing - perfect Sunday breakfast :) x

    1. Why has no-one told me of pancakes...?

    2. I love them! Mix 35g oats (healthy extra b) with a mullerlight or similar (0.5 sins) and leave to soak overnight. In the morning mix in between 1-3 eggs (I've used 1, 2 and 3 eggs and all work, just change the consistency of the batter slightly). Fry in frylight and top with whatever you fancy - i love having them with berries and yoghurt or bacon for a savoury option :)

  3. Well done with the weight loss! You're doing great!!
    Great meal plan! Everything sounds fab!

    1. I don't feel quite as bad about the cake club misdemeanours now... x

  4. Thank you so much for writing this... I'm suffering exactly the same issues at the moment, and feeling lethargic because of it, but I can't bring myself to stick the the 1000 cal regimes I have used in the past. I've been muling over an idea for a recipe challenge for a while now, and you've just given me the final push to get off my backside and get it sorted, thanks hon!
    The Pantry Door

    1. That would be ace! Do it as a blog hop so we can all paste it onto our meal plans too! x

  5. I have made a sin free fritta tonight with potatoes and roasted red pepper and onions..........taste amazing :) xx


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