Friday 12 April 2013

The Parlour at Fortnum and Mason, London

Fortnum and Mason, London
Fortnum and Mason is a pretty impressive place. It's an English institution packed with regal grandeur, and a complete treasure trove for sugar addicts like me. I had intended to go in November, but didn't get round to it. So when we went down a few weeks ago, it was high on the culinary agenda!

Before heading off for cake we took a trip round the food hall where I bought some lovely loose leaf teas and nicely packaged Highgrove preserves. After many oohs and ahhs in the cook shop we finally settled down in Fortnum and Mason's Parlour. The atmosphere is relaxed and their wares are bright and beautiful.

As you walk into the Parlour you are greeted by a large glass display chiller filled with a stunning variety of ice creams and sorbets, sweets, cakes and desserts. It's amazing! The decor reminded me a little of Rocambolesc in Girona with its swirly patterns and bright polka dots.

Service has the formality you would expect from Fortnum and Mason, but the food is fun whilst remaining delicious. For example, you will be served tea from a heavy silver teapot, but your coffee will come with a miniature ice cream cone propped on the side.
The Parlour at Fortnum and Mason, London
For some reason I thought it prudent to sample a milkshake. In hindsight this was a foolish move made by someone whose eyes were bigger than their belly! Pig of the week strikes again... It was amazing though.
The Parlour at Fortnum and Mason, London - Beverages
The star of the show is their amazing Austrian strudel. Wow wee. We picked the apple and the pear and walnut. We've been craving this ever since watching the Inglorious Basterds and seeing that baddy have some. Mission accomplished. The pastry is crisp and the filling packed with fruit and spice. Having revisited the menu today, I have noticed that they now have strawberry strudel. Furious that I don't live in London. If you do - don't tell me how wonderful it is or I will be forced to hunt you down.
The Parlour at Fortnum and Mason, London - Strudel
The Parlour at Fortnum and Mason is the perfect pit stop whilst shopping. Many of the sweet dishes are designed to share, and there is a wide range of teas and coffees available. If it's a ridiculous sundae you're after, you're also in luck. It's worth going for the strudel alone...

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  1. I imagine it was a rather pricy affair!

  2. lovely colourful photo's... I do love it in there... great review x

    1. Thank you! That strudel is sooo good!


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