Monday 1 April 2013

Hawksmoor Air Street, London

Hawksmoor Air Street, London
Hawksmoor is one of those places that we have been meaning to go to for ages, but never quite got round to it before. We only visit London a couple of times a year, so when we decided to go for my birthday, I booked us in straight away. 

The cold wind was atrocious on the day that we went. It was the Thursday before we got the really bad snow, and I felt like my ears were in genuine danger of falling off. After trecking up the wrong side of Air Street, we finally arrived looking a little like Stig of the Dump. Windswept, cold and rosy cheeked, we were led upstairs to a warm dining room reminiscent of something off Mad Men. I instantly liked it!

Despite the fact we had already had breakfast and frequented not one but two tea rooms, I was hungry like the wolf. I had steak on my mind. They knew it was my birthday so had reserved a lovely green leather seated booth for us. Our waitress was frindly and very knowledgeable. We chatted about the type of steak we enjoy, and she suggested that we share a porterhouse. 
Hawksmoor Air Street, London
At nearly a kilo this was huge! It comes in its own pan with strips of steak cut off the bone - this is left on top like some sort of trophy! It was utterly magnificent, second only to the steak I had at Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak in San Francisco. It was soft with little charred bits on the outside. Just beautiful. I'd go back just for this steak!
Hawksmoor Air Street - Porterhouse
Hawksmoor Air Street - Porterhouse
The sides were pretty special too. My husband is a massive fan of bone marrow so got that with bone marrow sauce (I had peppercorn), and then we shared macaroni cheese and fries. There are no bells and whistles here, just amazing food. I couldn't fault anything about our mains.
Hawksmoor Air Street - Sides
Despite the fact we were well on our way to a mild case of death, I had seen people with the most amazing puddings! I had also read in the Observer Food Monthly that their salted caramel rolos were in the top 50 foodie picks. Jay Rayner ranted "The mayor's office should denote these a London landmark." He wasn't wrong. These were overshadowed only by the ridiculously good lemon meringue pie, complete with birthday candle! Good god. This was delirious! Perfection.
Hawksmoor Air Street - Desserts
I will go back here in a heartbeat. The only thing that would stop me is wanting to try new places each time we visit London. Perhaps we'll go to the one at Seven Dials next time...

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