Monday 22 April 2013

New Specials at Solita, Manchester

Solita, Manchester
After an abhorrent week, my friend Emma and I booked half a day off work and landed in Manchester, hungry like the wolf. We decided a trip to Solita was long overdue, mainly due to the fact that I had seen pictures of the Juicy Lucy burger and craved it like a creature. Little did we know that there was another exciting special making an appearance... the Parmo.

This isn't another review of Solita, rather a reminder of how chuffing brilliant it is. They have a rather inventive little team there who are constantly coming up with specials that continually blow our socks right off. Therefore this is more a series of pictures that will make you hungry. Maybe even angry that you're having chicken for tea.

Giddy as kippers we ordered a colossal amount of food! We started with the deep fried mac and cheese and the sweetcorn hushpuppies. The red pepper jam that comes with the puppies is one of my favourite condiments ever. Ever ever.
Solita, Manchester - Starters
And then they came. Internal fanfare playing, the Juicy Lucy and the Parmo were set down on our table. This burger looks quite standard until you cut or bite into it... then booooom! Cheese everywhere. I can only describe this as an absolute delight.
Solita, Manchester - Juicy Lucy Burger
The Parmo is a butterflied chicken breast covered in béchamel sauce, melted cheddar, meatballs, marinara sauce, parmesan and breadcrumbs. Genius. We had half burger, half Parmo each and nearly died.
Solita, Manchester - ParmoSolita, Manchester - Half Juicy Lucy, Half Parmo
However, about five minutes later (in true warrior style), we were suitably recovered from our cheese ordeal and found ourselves ordering deep fried coke and the sticky toffee waffle pudding with creme caramel sauce. Really. Not even jesting. What a pair of greedy pigs! 

Gee wizz. The deep fried coke is one of my favourite desserts ever. Little doughnuts covered in sugar, cinnamon and coke syrup. But hang on! These just got even better. They are now smaller but there are more of them, meaning more of the amazing crunchiness to enjoy. That sticky toffee pudding is going on the 'what could you just eat?' list. It was fantastic.
Solita, Manchester - Desserts
I'm not sure how much longer these specials are on for, so you better go sooner rather than later. The deep fried coke is on the menu all the time, as are the starters, but the rest are just making guest appearances. We're going back on Friday... and we're taking cake clubbers. Watch our Solita.

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