Friday 12 April 2013

Nordic Ware Measuring Spoons

Nordic Ware
I never win anything. I'm not really that competitive either. I rarely enter competitions, because I already feel doomed never to win a bean. I think I used up all my luck as a child; I once pulled out my mum's raffle ticket at my dancing school's party and I used to win half of the tombola at Rivington Barn. Since then...? Nada.

A few weeks ago my favourite brand, Nordic Ware were running some competitions on Facebook. You may have noticed that I'm a bit of a bundt fanatic (unless you've been under a rock/bridge/other) so I read their page regularly to see what they've been up to. They posted a picture of a bright blue silicone pan and asked whether it was a bundt. I may not be lucky, but I am an insufferable know it all (by my own admission). It was not a bundt dammit! It was not Nordic Ware so it cannot be called a 'bundt'. I was in there like a whippet.
Nordic Ware Measuring Spoons
Well butter my butt and call me bread. I only won! I am now the very proud owner of a set of bundt shaped measuring spoons! There is absolutely no way these are sitting in a drawer. They will be used every time I bake and are currently in pride of place dangling from a cupboard door - much to my husband's delight...

Thank you very much to the kind folk at Nordic Ware for making my future bundt baking experiences feel that bit more authentic. If you fancy a set of your own I have since seen them in Selfridges.

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  1. They are so fun!! Totally jealous and happy for your win all atvthe same time! Congrats! Now heading to buy myself some! :0)


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