Saturday 6 April 2013

Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013 - Pictures

Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013
Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013There was a huge queue outside Manchester Central, all poised for the sugar fuelled stampede into the event space. We sat in the press room waiting for the excitement to start. Cat Dresser and John Whaite were chatting, and Paul Hollywood was having a chill out before his first show.

Eno from North West tonight was trying to explain to someone who she was and Wendi Peters from Corrie was choosing a cake. We sat quietly with a brew taking it all in and generally being on best behaviour! The Cake and Bake Show had finally come to Manchester...
The venue looked fantastic! It was awash with stalls selling wonderful little vintage items, food stands with piles of bread, brownies and pies, the big names like Renshaw and Dr Oetker were there and a sea of excited bakers were trying to decide what to do first. The demo stands were ready for their celebrities and people were starting to flock around the cake catwalk. 

Our first stop was to see Lynn and Helena on the Clandestine Cake Club stand. They were waiting excitedly for the cakes to arrive for their competition which was being judged by Peter Sidwell later that day. 
Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013 - Clandestine Cake Club
The cake catwalk was a beautiful display of frills, flowers, pearls and glitz. I particularly liked the one that used crystallised flowers and the amazing creation made out of sugar 'lace'. How they transported these beauties is beyond me! I'm bad enough getting a bundt to a cake club venue!
Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013 - Cakewalk
It had been relatively relaxed for the first half an hour, but after that the crowds were out in force! Although there was plenty of space to walk around, when the shows had just finished you could barely move! Tip - the best time to wander round is when shows have just started. There are plenty of seated areas if you need to take the pressure off your feet for a bit!
Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013 - Cakewalk
We bought some of the home made cakes whilst we were there, but you have to be quick! We missed out on the fabulous bread which had sold out by lunchtime. Martin's Bakery even had to get their bakery to bring more supplies! The visitors were hungry...
Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013 - Goodies
We didn't watch many of the demos because the exhibitors stalls were just so good! We spent most of our time oohing and ahhing over the wonderful creations and pretty things for sale!
Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013 - Eric Lanlard
Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013 - Goodies
I even managed to spot a bit of Nordic Ware...
Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013 - Nordic Ware
The gingerbread village was a fantastic attraction for the kids. Although a little terrifying for some adults, it seemed to keep a lot of children quiet and entertained for some time! There were little decorating stations where they could get involved and messy!
Cake and Bake Show Manchester 2013 - Gingerbread Village
It was so good we are planning a return trip on Sunday morning. I've learned my lesson from Friday... buy things first thing before it gets busy! There's still time to go if you fancy it...

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Disclaimer: I was given free press tickets to this event, but had already bought my own. 


  1. Aaaaa I'm going tomorrow!! I think I've made the fatal mistake of reading too many posts and tweets, already have about 4 days worth of things I want to see!!!

  2. I can't afford to gooooooiwannacry :(

    1. Oh no people have been giving away tickets!

  3. Looks great but looks too busy for me and thats why I made the decision not to go...but great to see whats its like from your pics and review. Thank you.

  4. Nice report, I loved those Meadowsweet crystallised flowers when I used them, so pretty.

  5. What was the size of the crowds like? Jostling just to see displays and being 4 deep would be my idea of hell. Want to visit London event but really worried about too many tickets being sold and the entire experience being uncomfortable.

    1. It was really busy early afternoon but it quietened off on the hour every hour as the shows started... Don't let it put you off. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon was much quieter too.


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