Monday 4 June 2012

Jubilee Bank Holiday Days Out - Day 3: Manchester Jubilee Street Party

High Street Party Manchester Northern QuarterEdge Street Party Manchester Northern Quarter
The last time we were in Home Sweet Home, we saw a poster for the Edge Street Party. We thought we'd pop down to see what was going on and to get some lunch. Whilst we were in Manchester, we also stumbled across the High Street party! In fact, I don't think there was a single street in the Northern Quarter which didn't have some sort of music, bunting, barbecue and trestle table! 
Jubilee Manchester Street Party - Edge Street
Jubilee Manchester Street Party - High Street
It was a great atmosphere, especially when the sun came out! We decided to opt for double Jubilee burgers from the infamous Almost Famous Manchester. We hadn't had chance to try their pop up, and had heard really mixed reviews. In all fairness, this was a barbecue stall, and they were just doing one type of burger; the Jubilee. This was two beef patties, cheese, honey roast bacon, chipotle sauce, onions and their own burger sauce. It was much nicer than the other barbecue items we had seen whilst wondering around, and there was quite a buzz every time someone wandered towards the tables with one in hand.
Jubilee Manchester Street Party - Almost Famous Manchester
At one point there was a huge queue, and I even got stopped by one chap asking where I had got it from. Most stalls were charging £5 per bun or burger, so this was also much better value than the others (e.g. one place was charging that for a bacon and cheese barm).
Jubilee Manchester Street Party - Almost Famous Manchester
It was really nice! Now I'm not judging it by restaurant standards, because I was sat at a rickety table with empty plastic cups on it! However, it was a decent burger with a reassuringly 'gloppy' consistency on a soft glazed bun. If I was going to be at all critical, it would be that the centre wasn't pink. From what I saw on the day, I am certain this was the best of the bunch.
Jubilee Manchester Street Party - Almost Famous Manchester
A very enjoyable day out! I even managed not to end up wearing the contents of the burger! Result...


  1. That looks like a fabulous burger and good to see so many people enjoying the weekend's festivities.

  2. Oh wow, the street party looks so lively! And the burger bun looks yum! x

    1. We had a lovely day! The weather stayed half decent too!


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