Monday 18 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday - Pay as You Go

Meal Planning Monday
Hell fire today has been pants. I promised myself I wouldn't eat as much crud too. I stopped myself from buying treats from Marks and Spencer's this morning only to snaffle a four-fingered Kit Kat from the work vending machine ten minutes later. I didn't even wait to get back to my desk. I ate it en route. Pig of the week strikes again...

I've crept back into old habits a bit recently, and found myself not sticking to the plan as much as I had hoped... (don't hit me! I'm just being honest...) Inevitably, this means food is still getting wasted or stuck in the freezer. It has also meant a few takeaways after a bad day...

So, I have two challenges this week! 

  1. Try to keep it half way healthy... I'm a realist. My aim is to keep the saturated fat to a minimum but not eat a leaf per day.
  2. Only buy what I need. When I need it. This is meal planning pay as you go!
This week I have a plan, but I acknowledge it may change. The difference it, I'm buying almost daily. This means I have a walk at lunchtime too! Two birds, one stone.

Monday: Chicken, skinny fries, broccoli and gravy. A nice comforting meal with few calories. The fries are low in fat too, but give the illusion of something bad! I'm all about the mind games folks...
Tuesday: Some sort of curry, rice and cheese naan bread. This has become a bit of an England match tradition!
Wednesday: My husband is out, so I might end up baking. This generally means a quick sandwich followed by heartburn. 
ThursdaySirloin steak, carrots and thick cut chips. This steak has been in the freezer for a couple of weeks, so it will cost nothing extra! Cash-back. Again the chips are of the low in fat too.
Friday: I'm off work on Friday so I'm a little tempted to make a chilli and let is cook slowly all afternoon. My chilli is quite healthy so I'll serve it with brown rice and some chilli fajitas. I will be having sour cream. My husband will not. I won't share what he calls it. 
Saturday: I'll be picking up something from Bolton Market as I am there as part of Love Your Local Market. I'm sure I'll have no problem finding something!
Sunday: We were thinking of trying the Old Forge at the Bob Smithy, so perhaps there!

On that note, I'm off to make tea as I'm starved!


  1. On think you're on to a great plan. Now you need to stick to it. I usually won't go grocery shopping until my fridge is empty. Good luck with your challenges this week!

    1. I've stuck to it 100% tonight, but went horribly wrong on Sunday! Forgot we're going to the Zoo do we're eating in Chester! I'm going crackers...

  2. I don't think there are many people who would read this and not think "Yep, I've been there!" I'm sorry you've had a bad day :( Your meal plan sounds lovely so you certainly aren't depriving yourself, which is half the battle I think. Have a great week! x

    1. I'm amazed I've actually stuck to it so far too! I'm no good at deciding on the spot!

  3. This is a great idea, I used to plan meals religiously and cook nice recipes but that was when I lived with someone and now I live alone I don't bother any more... but I am meant to be following Slimming World as well and I don't even bother planning for that! I think if I put my weekly meal plan on my blog and make it public, I will have to put more effort into it and stick to it! One problem though is that I never know very far in advance whether my boyfriend is coming over for dinner or not and he's really fussy so there are only certain things I can make him. I guess I could cook myself whatever healthy meal I had planned, and have something different in the freezer for him just in case!

    1. I must admit I do tend to stick to it more since I started publishing it! I'm not perfect, but so far so good this week...


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