Tuesday 12 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

Better late than never!

Ok, so I know we are now on Tuesday (yet it feels like it should be at least Thursday...) I was absolutely cream-crackered last night, so I am a little late with the old plan-a-roo. 

This week will be a little odd I think, as I'm not entirely sure what time we will both be home from work and we have other commitments too. Quick and easy is the name of the game!

Monday: We had a takeaway curry as the football was on!
Tuesday: Chicken and vegetables with cous cous. Yes, I'm on a bit of a cous cous bender at the moment! Fills you up without being too stodgy. I give it another couple of weeks until it's 'dealt with'.
Wednesday: Gammon with egg and chips. Old Skool. I've been craving this since my grandad mentioned it the other day...
Thursday: Bangers and mash with gravy.
Friday: Possibly out, so not planning anything.
Saturday: I'm doing a cupcake order on Saturday afternoon, so it will be something quick and easy. Maybe just some nice sandwiches with fries.
Sunday: We're going to Rogan and Co. for Simon Rogan's Great British Menu for lunch, so I doubt I'll want anything else!

I have a sneaking suspicion that some of these meals won't happen because we are so busy, or I'll end up eating junk whilst watching The Shield... but hey ho. At least I had a plan! I will try to stick to it, but life is sometimes just too short to eat like an adult... 


  1. Oh wow, so jealous that you're going to try that Simon Rogan menu - it looked amazing! Have a fantastic time.


    1. We are massive fans of L'Enclume, so were rooting for Simon all along! I'll report back...


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