Friday 1 June 2012

A Spot of Spontaneity...

On Tuesday morning I got the following text from my husband:
'Can we go watching Guns n Roses tonight?'
He bought tickets 5 minutes later. So having plotted roast chicken with cous cous and potato salad in my meal plan, I found myself in Manchester at 5.30pm! My husband has been a Guns n Roses fan since he was little, so having previously decided not to go, he just couldn't resist. We actually bought tickets to see them about 10 years ago, but it didn't happen. We just presumed the same would happen when these were released.

We had heard they only came on at 11.30pm, so we knew it was going to be a late one! With Thin Lizzy coming on at 8.30pm we decided to make an evening of it. 

We went to Southern 11 because I was craving their coleslaw! I finally broke with tradition and didn't have pulled pork. First time ever! I tried the sliders. New favourite! You get a beef brisket one, a regular burger and a pulled pork version - that scratched and itch! It comes with coleslaw and my favourite fries. My husband had his favourite, the southern chicken dinner. During May you also get 20% off your food bill with a Spinningfields Yellow Card. The offers change every month, but this seems to be on quite frequently. You get lots of other ace offers too!
Southern 11 Sliders
Southern 11 Sliders
Because we knew we had a bit of time to kill, we had a walk up to the Northern Quarter. I've been dying to go back to Home Sweet Home after I went a few weeks ago, so we decided to have dessert there. I'm always worried when I've had a fantastic experience somewhere that it might disappoint me next time. No need to worry! My husband had the Cinnamon Apple Pie Fudge Sundae. It really was as good as it sounds! Warm apple pie infused with cinnamon with cold cream and ice cream!
Home Sweet Home Manchester - Cinnamon Apple Pie Fudge Sundae
I had one of the best cakes ever! It was a test cake for their Jubilee event at the weekend, so it didn't even have a name. They called it the Strawberry 'Something' Cake! It came warm with ice cream. I need this recipe! ~looks shiftily at Home Sweet Home~
Home Sweet Home Manchester - Strawberry 'Something' Cake
A few hours later we were watching Mr Rose and Co. My poor feet still haven't recovered from walking around from 5.30pm then standing in the venue until 2.15am!
We had a fab night. What made it even better was the fact we had nothing planned then suddenly found ourselves getting in bed at 3am... on a school night! 


  1. wow, those sliders look amazing. I fell in love with pulled pork sliders in NYC Bubba Gump restaurant! So now I know where to go to try and recreate that delight!


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