Friday 28 August 2015

Yard and Coop, Manchester

Yard and Coop, Manchester
Yard and Coop was a bit of a last minute decision, but we needed brain food. I had to go anyway, because their strawberry milkshake was on my 'to do' list for the post Charlie and I are doing on Manchester's best milkshakes. It was practically essential... 

It had a pleasant vibe about the place, they were playing half decent music, and the front of house folks were friendly types. I'd clocked an odd looking bottle of blue stuff, which I was later informed was blue Curaçao by my learned amigo. Although there isn't a huge selection of cocktails, the two I had were pretty, pretty good. 

Juice Springsteen - vodka and blue Curaçao with lemon juice and cherry bitters topped with apple juice: Yes, I did buy it because of the name, what of it? This was a bit like sherbet in a bottle, and made me feel a bit giddy. Good stuff!

Paulaner Heffe-Weiss Dunkel (5.3% ABV): A decent selection with a tick in most beer boxes. This was a pale wheat beer which wasn't overly strong for a craft type. This was later followed by a Kona Firerock (5.9% ABV) IPA.

Strawberry milkshake: I'm not giving too much away here because there is a list pending. I shall say this though; it was awesome. 
Yard and Coop - Drinks
Jimi Hendrix - El Jimador Blanco tequila, Hendrick's gin and Fevertree Elderflower garnished with cucumber and watermelon (sans cucumber): Cucumber is the devil's fruit, so I asked them to lose it. This drink was huge! I loved the delicate elderflower flavour and chunks of watermelon.
Yard and Coop - Drinks
I warn you, this is what happens when your friends love sides as much as you do. I can't decide whether that look on our waiter's face was saying 'bravo!' or 'you horrendous greedy pigs'. I can't say that I consider either to be an insult...

Buttermilk fried chicken - boneless thigh, Yard and Coop original dusting with Bourbon BBQ sauce: Thigh was definitely the bet decision. More flavour and beautifully tender. I love the idea of mixing and matching the cut, dusting and sauces though. Have a different combo every time you go!
Yard and Coop - Chicken
The Bee’s Knees wings - cayenne pepper, lime and honey, served with blue cheese sauce: These are pretty big wings! I was a proper lightweight and only tried a bit of that delicious sauce, but I was assured that they were 'bloody lovely'.
Yard and Coop - Wings
But what if I want wings!?
Massive Cock Burger - full buttermilk chicken breast, chorizo, salty battered jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, mayo and siracha chilli sauce in a brioche bun, topped with dill pickle and served with chips: Slightly prone to exaggeration... I wouldn't say it was massive, but then again I'm used to huge burgers like Jon's Steeplejack at The Farmer's Arms. It was pretty darn good though, and the chips are no afterthought either; beautifully crisp and perfect dipping material for the magnificent sauces.
Yard and Coop - Burger
Gravy and chip shop curry: So to the sauces. I was hoping that the gravy might be the (dare I say it) KFC type which is pale and viscous and spicy and tremendous in every way. Sue my ass. I like it. Anyway, it was not, but was still so good we practically dealt with every drop. Chip shop curry... genius idea. I'd like to take this home and eat a vat of it in my pyjamas with a bowl of chips. Dirty bird.
Yard and Coop - Sauces
Onion petals with chorizo - onion pieces in crispy tempura batter with crispy chorizo sausage, horseradish and beetroot salsa: I was blinded by the word chorizo and didn't read the rest of it like a buffoon! Petals, perfect. Chorizo, champion. Beet-rot?! Mortal enemy number two right there. I accidentally ate it too. I'm sure it's wonderful for those beet loving perverts amongst you, but I'll be sticking to the petals on their own in future. Close one that.
Yard and Coop - Onion petals
Battered dill pickles in tempura batter: Oh yes, these were more like it. Tangy jalapenos deep fried in batter? Yes please. Although they had a little warmth, they weren't so hot that you couldn't taste the loveliness within.
Yard and Coop - Jalapenos
Thai street salad - red cabbage, cauliflower, carrot and red chilli: Gee whizz, this had a kick to it! A lovely change to coleslaw, this salad was sweet, crunchy and had a considerable amount of fire in its belly!
Yard and Coop - Thai Salad
Yard and Coop wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I imagined something a little more fast-foody. What we actually got was a friendly place which was comfortable to sit in, with options stretching beyond chicken, chips and spicy beans. The menu has a fantastic range of sides and accompaniments, which is perfect for lovers of 'bits'. It's the perfect place to go with your pals to have a little chat over a few drinks, with some rather nice food.

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