Tuesday 2 July 2013

Solita's New Menu...

Solita Manchester
I'm a fan of Solita. I like the food, the people and the sense of fun they have when creating new dishes. Who else is deep frying coke, eh?

This is a quick post to look at the new menu, which launched a couple of weeks ago; there are some new belters on there, but some old favourites also remain.
Solita Manchester - New Menu
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Lucky 7: When I saw Franco tweet pictures of this, I didn't think it would be for me. It looked a bit 'salady'. Wrong! This is all that is wonderful about tex-mex, in a pot. Seven layers of sin, including refried beans, guacamole, salsa, cheese, sour cream, salad and olives. It comes served with signature blue tortilla chips - a nod to the Breaking Bad burger days. I had two of these in five days. Pig.
Solita Manchester - Lucky 7
Ribs, Wings, Rings n Things: Not new, but worth a mention as I rarely see it spoken about. A behemoth of a starter. Onion rings, sticky ribs, sweetcorn, cornmeal coated fried chillies, sauce-slathered wings... Not for the faint-hearted.
Solita Manchester - Ribs, Wings, Rings n Things
Nibbles: Great idea. Solita spiced popcorn (just a quid!) and Nocellara olives with caperberries.
Solita Manchester - Sides
Chicken Livers: These crispy livers come with 'neckbone' gravy. Imagine KFC gravy... but really good...
Solita Manchester - Chicken Livers
Pulled Pork Sundae and Eggplant Fritters: The pulled pork sundae was my first love at Solita. Thank god it's still there! Layers of 60/40 mash and amazing pulled pork. The eggplant fritters are new - they come in a pot full of garlic marinara sauce for dipping.
Solita Manchester - Pulled Pork Sundae and Eggplant Fritters
Tony Soprano Burger: A current 'special'. My friend Wayne declared this the best burger he has had from Solita. I'm inclined to agree. Sheer brilliance. Panko covered Italian meat made with pistachios, deep fried eggplant fritters, cheese, sauce, and a burger.... ~pulls back from brink of delirium ~ 
Solita Manchester - Tony Soprano
Monte Cristo Burger: Another 'special' on at the moment. They cover the (already enriched) brioche bun in icing sugar and fry it like french toast... They are trying to kill us. Cheese, turkey, ham and the normal patty... They've done Breaking Bad, is this the Dexter Burger?
Solita Manchester - Monte Cristo
Big Manc Burger: Cheeky... It's just like the 'big branded chain' version, only contains food I actually want to eat. One of the best burgers I have ever eaten. This was so popular on the specials menu, it now has a permanent home. 
Solita Manchester - Big Manc
Once in a Lifetime Burger: My brother devoured this like a hungry pack of wolves. Pulled pork, buttermilk fried chicken, a burger, onion rings, Monterey Jack cheese and barbecue sauce. Why choose between beef, chicken and pork when you can have all three?
Solita Manchester - Once in a Lifetime
DIY Steak Tartare: This stole the show. Intended to be a main, I ordered this as a starter because I also wanted to try the Tony Soprano burger. One problem. My husband stole it. Not just a bit of it either, the whole thing. Luckily he did let me try a sniff of it. All parties involved agreed this is all kinds of wonderful, and eagerly await the tuna version.
Solita Manchester - DIY Steak Tartare
Black and Blue Salad: I always turn my nose up at salads, especially when I'm somewhere which serves such fantastic meat dishes. Look at this blue cheese and charcoal grilled rare steak salad. No rabbit food to be seen.
Solita Manchester - Black and Blue
Parmo: Another favourite which currently resides on the 'specials'. Get it whilst you can kids! Panko fried butterflied chicken with b├ęchamel, cheese and a healthy serving of meatballs. We adore this dish.
Solita Manchester - Parmo
Prime Rib: Hell's teeth. This is amazing. Despite loving my Tony Soprano burger, I nearly stole this from my husband's plate. Please try it. It's a damn good cut of steak, bursting with flavour.
Solita Manchester - 12 oz Prime Rib
Deep Fried Coke and Sticky Toffee Waffle Pudding: Panic over! Deep fried coke is still on the menu. It's one outstanding dessert, and so I couldn't resist giving it a mention. The Sticky Toffee Waffle Pudding is just as sickly as you would hope. I had this twice in three days when it first came onto the specials menu.
Solita Manchester - Deep Fried Coke and Sticky Toffee Waffle Pudding
Key Lime Pie: I have a confession. I ate my pie. I forgot to take a photo. I'm so glad that another, more conscientious, less greedy blogger did manage to take a snap before snaffling the bloody lot... I applaud you Bacon on the Beech! His photos are also more 'photograph of the week' rather than my 'pig of the week'... Nip over to his blog to have a nosy what he had too.
Picture from Bacon on the Beech
If these pictures haven't encouraged you to nip to Solita to sample the new menu, I worry for you.

Disclaimer: No, I didn't eat all this food alone, but thanks for presuming I'm a greedy pig. What do you mean I have form? Cheeky blighter.
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  1. Ouu definitely going to have to try this place out! the burgers look divine!! Tomorrow can't come any sooner now. haha


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