Friday 5 July 2013

Common, Manchester

Common, Manchester
For a long time I feared Common. Long before the likes of Solita and Almost Famous popped up, Common sat in the Northern Quarter like the king of the castle. All the cool kids went there, with their loafers, beards and vintage walkmans. I accidentally ended up in there one Friday night, and was frightened half to death by a boy with a beard so large, I was convinced a few birds lived in it. 

In recent years, I have overcome this fear, and found the quieter weekend afternoons a much more relaxed affair than that fracas on a Friday night. My husband and I have been in a few times for a drink, mainly because they have some decent craft stuff on tap.

The last time we went I vowed to try the food sometime soon; this was mainly because I had nearly stolen someone's burger from their plate as it passed me. Last weekend, I scratched the itch which was Common. 

How amazing does this look?! The beef brisket sandwich off the specials menu was simple yet effective. The chips were well seasoned and the homemade coleslaw was crunchy and delicious. Copious amounts of cheese melted over meat is always a winner in our eyes.
Common, Manchester - Brisket Sandwich
I picked the chilli with flatbreads, coleslaw, sour cream and tortilla chips. I was sold at sour cream... This was a ridiculous decision as it was a beautiful day outside, and the inferno stayed with me for at least an hour. This reminded me of happy times in the Hen and Chicks in Bolton, only this actually had some heat to it... I' definitely order this again.
Common, Manchester - Chilli
My husband is well fussy with his burgers. Happy to eat pretty much anything on a posh tasting menu, he cannot abide 'salad or slop' on his burger. When ordering, we have to reiterate 'just the burger, cheese and bun'. Saying that, it's an excellent test of an establishment's ability to go 'off piste'. Such a simple request, but often delivered incorrectly. This was perfect. Soft toasted brioche bun, pink burger and cheese suitably melted. Happy husband.
Common, Manchester - Burger
Common are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but they do ensure it runs smoothly. Classics such as burgers and tex-mex favourites are done to a good standard, and delivered quickly. I can't believe I've never eaten there before; perhaps that's testament to the ever improving Manchester dining scene.

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