Monday 17 June 2013

Meal Planning Monday - Recovery...

Meal Planning Monday
Dear or dear. Last week we went to London. I fully expected to pile a load of weight on after two days of sheer gluttony, but I find myself recovering rather than cursing myself! Long story short - we went to some dodgy pub on the last day and I'm pretty sure it poisoned us both...

I arrived home on Friday night, full of burger, cake and contentment. I got in bed and thought 'ahh... what a lovely little break'. I rolled over and BOOOOM. Puke. We were both ill all weekend. On the up side, I am lighter now than when I went to London, so it's like it never happened... la la la... nothing to see here!

This week isn't much better, so I'm hoping last week's calories don't catch up...

Monday: Chicken with sweet potato wedges and vegetables. Detox. 
Tuesday: Rib night at 3TwentyOne with some friends. Retox.
Wednesday: Something quick - the Virgin Media man is coming fixing that bloody box. Probably a jacket spud with salad and lean bacon.
Thursday: Unconfirmed.. possibly going out with a friend! (She doesn't know yet)
Friday: Cajun turkey with chips and broccoli
Saturday: It's cake club day - write off.
Sunday: No plans for the first time in yonks. To be confirmed... Maybe a chilli.

So it's a week of healthy vs. gluttony. I like to think of it as a balance. Ish.

I'll report back next week on how that pans out...

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