Wednesday 8 February 2017

We Bake - The Bake Brighter Days Community Challenge

It's nearly Valentine's Day folks! Whether you're into it or not, let's face it, it's a great excuse to get baking. Who doesn't love a bit of indulgence; whether it be for your beloved, you pals, or just for yourself to enjoy with a cuppa. This Valentine's Day, the wonderful folk at We Bake want to see your creations in all their loved up glory.

What is We Bake?

We Bake is the community that rewards you for baking. It’s the first baking social media, where you can share recipes, get inspiration, enter competitions and even share your cake fails (moral support heals even the worst cake wreck). The community is there to coach you through mishaps with their hints and tips, and give you the motivation to try something new. Recipes are split by level, so you're not going to find yourself biting off more than you can chew, with the ingredients and method set out in an easy to read format.

How to get started

It's really easy. You set up your profile which can be linked to your Facebook account or can be done with an email, then you can start following other bakers from all over the country, win prizes in the challenges, and get access to exclusive events. It's a bit like all the best bits of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but tailored towards those of us who love to bake.

The Bake Brighter Days Community Challenge

Chocolate Indulgence Bundt Cake
Chocolate Indulgence Bundt Cake
I'll be entering my Chocolate Indulgence Bundt Cake for this year's Valentine's Day Bake Brighter Days community challenge. I designed this recipe with my friends in mind. I regularly bake for my pals at work, but it's usually to use them as guinea pigs for my weird and wonderful cake creations, or when a bit of bundt alchemy has been going on in the kitchen. However, their favourites are always the chocolate themed cakes. You guys like chocolate? You'll get all of it...

When asked what was in this cake, I simply replied 'all the chocolate'. It includes Dr. Oetker Fine Dark Cocoa Powder, grated milk chocolate, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate chips, it's covered in white chocolate, and then filled with Aero Bubbles. I wasn't joking. The resulting cake is a hearty yet ultra moist chocolate cake, which will have them fighting over the last piece (true story). I urge you to try this.

We Bake are giving away £50 Red Letter Days vouchers every day, so there are loads of chances to win if you enter. I've just posted my recipe on my We Bake profile so you can have a go yourself. Check it out here, become a We Bake member and let me know how you get on.
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