Saturday 23 June 2012

A Day at Bolton Market for Love Your Local Market

I've been excited about this event for weeks. A chance for Bolton to showcase its wonderful market and for people to get involved; either as shoppers or traders. When I posted information about the event last week, there was a hive of activity on the post, Twitter and Facebook. People all over the country were keen to know what Love Your Local Market fortnight was all about.

So, in preparation I made a massive lemon drizzle bundt last night. I couldn't go under the guise of Dolly Bakes and go empty handed! The first thing on my 'to do' list was an interview with Becky Want from BBC Radio Manchester on her Retail Therapy show. We chatted about Clandestine Cake Club, the cake I had brought with me and my blog in general. 

I then sat and listened to Simon Rimmer being interviewed by Becky whilst we all tucked into some cake with a new cup of tea from Shanghai Pings. Simon was quite happy to sit and chat, and have his photo taken with bemused passers by!
Bolton Love Your Local Market - Simon Rimmer
Bolton Love Your Local Market - BBC Radio Manchester
Simon Rimmer being interviewed by Becky Want from BBC Radio Manchester.
The show's Producer, Cathy is  tucking into some cake. Brain food...
During the day Simon did three free cookery demonstrations from the kitchen in the market. At the one I went to he made some healthy 'street food' which was easy to recreate at home. He made turkey burgers with yogurt, tomato and bean salad, then duck meatballs with salsa and finally sea bass with patatas bravas. 
Bolton Love Your Local Market - Cookery Demo
There was quite a turnout, especially at the afternoon show which I also caught the tail end of. The market was absolutely packed! I also saw a cheeky Adam Crolla nicking a bhaji from Simon's stand... I'll be posting my interview with Simon soon...
Bolton Love Your Local Market - Cookery Demo
The Apprentice's Adam Corbally was running small workshops on how to start your own business. He gave a brief outline of how he had started his grocery business on his local market, his time on the Apprentice and gave advice for anyone wanting to start up their own business. 

His own inspiration was the urge to earn enough money to live his desired lifestyle. He knew that was never going to happen working for someone else. Adam showed a real tenacity when it comes to being successful, and it was clear that he has masses of enthusiasm for everything he does. 
Bolton Love Your Local Market - Adam Corbally from The Apprentice
Some of Adam's top tips for budding entrepreneurs were:
  • Find your niche
  • Don't worry about other people 
  • Have enthusiasm
  • Be prepared
  • Smiles make sales - be nice!
When I got a bit of free time, I had a ganders at some of the brilliant market stalls. Some of these people had never even traded before! One person I spent a bit of time with was Brian from Signature Soaps. He's a real advocate for local markets and is a loyal attendee of the produce market. 
Bolton Love Your Local Market - Brian from Signature Soaps
Two of my favourite stalls (because I'm a right greedy piglet) were Purdon's cheese stall and All You Knead. All You Knead  had the most fabulous real ale bread. My husband is well into his ales at the moment, so I snaffled some toot sweet. I then bobbed next door to Purdon's for a big block of strong Snowdonia cheese. Match made in heaven. Strong cheese with soft, flavoursome bread. Hopefully both will be attending Horwich Summer Fete in July! I had some leftover cake at this point, so was happily giving it out to the traders!
Bolton Love Your Local Market
Bolton Love Your Local Market
I had a brilliant time, ate some great food and talked to some truly passionate people. Show your own support for your local market and traders by buying local and shouting it from the rooftops! Thanks to all the organisers and to everyone who came. Roll on next year! However, if you can't wait that long, the Bolton Food Festival is just round the corner...


  1. Great post! I looks like you enjoyed it very much.

  2. Lovely post. Nice to know that Simon Rimmer is as nice as he seems on the telly.

  3. I had such a fab day. It was really great to be around such enthusiastic people! Very inspiring stuff indeed...

  4. great blog, great day thanks for all your help, tweets and support


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