Monday 16 April 2018

Fat Tony's at Kosmonaut, Manchester

Fat Tony's at Kosmonaut, Manchester
Oh Fat Tony, whoever you are, here we are again to sample your wares with a sense of glee. The last time I was asked to review Fat Tony's at Kosmonaut, I was very sure indeed that I had developed gout over the course of the meal. Feeling invincible after successfully avoiding it, I threw caution to the wind in a triumphant return.

This time it was the turn of the roast. I was already hoping that the beef would be somewhat like that beautifully pink steak on the poutine from last time, glistening in the er... spotlights above the booth we sat in. Anyway, enough about whimsical memories, and to the food.

There we were, successfully parked nearby and feeling like winners because we were not drenched. We were greeted by Louise who it turns out is utterly wonderful in every way. No surly Sunday afternoon stares from this one, she was chirpy and friendly, despite mentioning she had been on shift the night before. She was only too happy to make some brilliant beer suggestions too, based on a few preferences I gave to her. I have it on good authority that Fantasma by Magic Rock, and Heathen by Northern Monk were great choices. We liked her a lot.

Beef roast - served with cabbage, carrots, broccoli, stuffing, roast potatoes and a Yorkshire pudding: This is more like a massive steak on a pile of potatoes, stuffing and vegetables, crowned with a Yorkshire pud. It was what I had been dreaming of since booking the table. I took a close up of the beef because I didn't feel the picture below really showcased its magnificence. Major points for those sweet rosemary roasted carrots.
Fat Tony's at Kosmonaut, Manchester
Fat Tony's at Kosmonaut, Manchester
Chicken roast: A chicken version of the above, with the same accompaniments. The chicken was moist and well seasoned, and came with a tasty chicken gravy. Only comment is that he would have liked a little more of this liquor.
Fat Tony's at Kosmonaut, Manchester
Cauliflower cheese: The only sides available on Sundays are sweet potato croquettes and cauliflower cheese, however croquettes were off the menu on this particular day. Not to worry though, as you can see, we had more than enough food. Served al dente and smothered in cheese.
Fat Tony's at Kosmonaut, Manchester
I may not be a food critic, but I eat a lot, and frequently, so I am declaring myself qualified to tell you that this roast is pretty darn good. We've done quite a few country pub style roasts recently, which still have a special place in my heart (well arteries anyway), but we both commented that this felt more 'restauranty' without the formal atmosphere.

Go to Fat Tony' at Kosmonaut for a chilled Sunday afternoon, filled with comforting food, great beers and friendly staff. I feel at home here.

Disclaimer: I was asked to review Fat Tony's and they knew I was coming. However, I have eaten here when not reviewing, and I can confirm it's consistently great. I was under no obligation to say nice things, or befriend Louise.

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