Saturday 14 April 2018

Chiquito, Middlebrook

Chiquito, Middlebrook
I am no food snob. I've eaten in some of the best restaurants in the world, in hidden dining rooms with a handful of tables, flown to European cities for my tea, driven two days out of my way in America in the name of food, and once made over 1500 redial phone calls and spent £68 on hold to San Francisco. All that being said, I bloody love a 'build your own' fajita.

I was recently asked to pop down to my local branch of Chiquito to put them through their paces, which I had absolutely no hesitation in agreeing to! Luckily for me, I have Ellie to assist me in such tough ventures, a role which she takes very seriously indeed. I was stuck in the most heinous of Chorley New Road rush hour madness, but like a true soldier, she got the Margaritas in.

Speaking of Margaritas, I want to tell you a little tale about their cocktails first. In the interest of honesty, I imagined their offerings to be similar to those you get on a Canaries all inclusive holiday; brightly coloured, watered down, three umbrellas, and tasting somewhat like radiator coolant. Not so. These cocktails were very pleasant indeed. So much so, we had quite a few, encouraged by our chirpy waitress who was a total cocktail enabler during happy hour.
Chiquito, Middlebrook
To the food.

Halloumi skewers - onions and peppers, baked and served over a citrus dressed salad with salsa: Eyes straight to halloumi, as always. Light and fresh, which is perfect for occasions where you and your dining partner plan to stuff their faces with fajitas and desserts. Presentation could do with a little work if we're being picky, but delicious all the same.
Chiquito, Middlebrook
Fajitas: These were huge, and came with unlimited wraps (I didn't get through the ones they gave me). These pictures in a dimly lit restaurant really don't do this food justice. We both had fajitas, so had prawns and steak. They are served with a choice of sides, which come in a little tray on the side. Big fan of these.
Chiquito, MiddlebrookChiquito, Middlebrook
Chiquito, Middlebrook
Bearing in mind that neither of us could finish the fajitas, you would think that most reasonable humans would call it a day. Not us, we battled on.

Toffee popcorn brownie - chocolate brownie topped with toffee popcorn and served with honeycomb ice cream: Ellie was massively impressed with this brownie, noting how light it was, and how well the toffee and popcorn flavours went with the chocolate.
Chiquito, Middlebrook
Churros: They are one of my favourite desserts in the world. I rarely go to a Mexican restaurant without ordering these. Who doesn't love deep fried strands of doughnut, dipped in chocolate sauce? Good portion size too, as I often find I'm over-faced with too many, and saddened when I can't eat them. Polished this lot with ease.
Chiquito, Middlebrook
Do you know what? We had such a nice time. Chiquito might be a well known chain, but they offer value for money, good fresh food, a great range of cocktails, but just as importantly, the staff were lovely. Our waitress gave some great menu advice, and was an absolute pleasure to speak to, despite the fact she was eight months pregnant and dead on her feet.

Go here for a midweek feast with friends or family, and enjoy a few cocktails without breaking the bank.

Disclaimer: I was asked to review Chiquito Middlebrook, and given a budget. We put our own money to this because we were having such a good time, we decided not to leave!

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