Monday 29 February 2016

Sunrise Senior Living Recipe Review

Sunrise Senior Living
I get a lot of requests to review cookery books and to generally get involved with foodie related escapades. When I initially saw the email from Sunrise Senior Living, I initially thought it was jumping the gun a bit; I'm a tad young to be thinking of senior living! However, I took the time to have a look at the website, and loved what they were doing.

Sunrise Senior Living has launched their annual Taste of Sunrise to showcase the homemade meals served in their care homes every single day. They’ve launched a new recipe book with signature dishes designed by Michelin star chefs, which look pretty tasty whatever your age.

I knew the girl to put this through its paces; my very own Nigella, my buddy Lee. So off she trot with a shopping list and a twinkle in her eye...

I adore cooking, and have created a tradition of dedicating my Sunday afternoon to preparing a new recipe each week. When Rach asked me to have a look at the Taste of Sunrise recipes, I was intrigued. 
Sunrise Senior Living
Sunrise Senior Living's annual Taste of Sunrise takes place 5th-13th March, giving an opportunity for the public to meet the staff, taste the lovely food, have a tour, and take a copy of the book home. With this in mind they have released some of their favourite recipes, designed by Michelin starred chefs. The meals are nutritionally balanced, created to maintain residents' interest in food, and ensure dietary requirements met. As well as doing all that, they have chosen some absolute crackers. After much deliberation, I had a plan.

I decided to treat my beloved to a Sunday tea of French Onion Soup followed by Salmon and Spinach Wellington. I prepared the soup earlier in the afternoon; the recipe was simple and clear, the result was a rich and velvety soup which went down a storm. Leftovers were just as good today.

I was very excited about the Wellington, as salmon features rather heavily in our diet, and I am always looking for new ways to prepare it. Again the recipe was easy to follow, and despite one small issue (me forgetting to put the spinach in, and having to open the pastry up again), the end result was fabulous.
Sunrise Senior LivingSunrise Senior Living

I am now plotting the Winter Beef Stew and Bread and Butter pudding for next weekend. Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes Sunrise, your residents are very lucky indeed!

The nearest participating care home is in Bramhall, Stockport.

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