Tuesday 4 February 2014

Bleecker Street Pizza, New York

Bleecker Street Pizza, New York
When I go somewhere new I love finding the hidden treasures. Don't get me wrong, there's a time and a place for the razzle dazzle (see Eleven Madison Park...), but I don't feel like I've explored unless I've been to somewhere a bit more rustic. 

My husband is a pizza fan - in all honesty I'm non-plussed by the stuff. When planning our itinerary I searched for the best pizza in New York - boom - the likes of Roberta's sprang up, but after reading lots of reviews I found that quite a few New Yorkers were recommending a little gaff downtown by the name of Bleecker Street Pizza. It's won all sorts of local awards too, including 'Best Pizza in New York' by the Food Network.
Bleecker Street Pizza, New York
Think less of the swanky pizzeria with candles melted over wine bottles, and more along the lines of 'we know we're good, we don't need the bells and whistles' kind of place. The walls are covered in pictures of celebrities who endorse their goods, and the people who frequent the place are a total mixed bag. When we were in there I saw a fella in a suit queuing alongside a little granny and two chaps who looked like they were members of the Mayans Motorcycle Club.
Bleecker Street Pizza, New York
Pizzas are bought by the slice, however each piece was about as big as my head - see below for photographic proof. They are freshly baked on site, and never appear to last long enough for shelf life to become an issue.
Bleecker Street Pizza, New York
Although we normally try different things, we couldn't agree, so both ended up with the pepperoni and sausage. Best pizza I have ever eaten, bar none. It avoided every pitfall I find common with the stuff; it had a crisp crust, not too much tomato base, lots of cheese and a good ratio of toppings.
Bleecker Street Pizza, New York
My favourite part of our trip to Bleecker Street Pizza was meeting the lovely Greg and his pals. They were all excited about me taking pictures, which backfired horrifically when they decided I needed to have my photograph taken with one of their giant pies! They also told me the best story ever, about the night Steven Tyler popped in for pizza, then started serving people! Only in the Big Apple...
Bleecker Street Pizza, New York
I would definitely recommend a trip to Bleecker Street Pizza. Great food, served quickly, with a little tale or two to boot. If you're in the area also try the Blind Tiger Ale House, a craft beer bar with an excellent bottle and draught collection. A very pleasant afternoon!

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  1. This is one of my favourite blog posts in February as posted on my blog... thankyou for sharing. I have added it to my New York 14 To do list.


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