Wednesday 20 November 2013

Tick Tock Diner, New York

Tick Tock Diner, New York
I love the blatant excess of America. I often overindulge over here, but I have no requirement for guilt when in the States. Tick Tock Diner is a bit of an institution - with a motto like 'eat heavy' we were never going to come away peckish. The original diner in Clifton opened in 1948, and not much has changed since.
Tick Tock Diner, New York
The 350 seater in midtown Manhattan is a 24/7 serving machine. We went for breakfast on our first day, and loved it so much we went back on our last day too! You walk through the door to be summoned to the next available table by the hostess, and within minutes someone has appeared offering coffee and juice. On the last day it was so cold outside that I opted for hot chocolate instead - same heat, more comfort.
Tick Tock Diner, New York - Drinks
Waffles with syrup and strawberries: This was the first breakfast I had at Tick Tock. The waffles filled a dinner plate! They were beautifully light but I still managed less than half. Have you seen how much syrup and butter they give you with this?! What killed me is that the people on the table opposite ate the whole thing plus toast. Each.
Tick Tock Diner, New York - Pancakes
Toast: A round of toast comes with most breakfasts, and once again is accompanied by a heap of butter and the best jam ever. Grape jelly is the future.
Tick Tock Diner, New York - Toast
Corned beef hash with potatoes and eggs sunny side up: Believe me when I say this was absolutely out of this world. Best corned beef hash I have ever tasted. It came with shredded potatoes and onions fried like a rough rosti. This was the reason we went back on the last day. We both had it again. I honestly thought my husband was high ordering this for breakfast, but he won!
Tick Tock Diner, New York - Corned Beef Hash
It was about a twenty minute walk in minus 4 degrees with a windchill which burned your cheeks, and our feet were killing from five days of trekking through New York: well worth it. In response to the reviews about the service being non-existent, we were served quickly and in a friendly manner, but they are rushed off their feet - this is New York after all. No complaints from us. This had to be our favourite breakfast the whole time we were there. Is it pretty? No way. Does it taste amazing? Hell yes.

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