Wednesday 27 November 2013

Pizza Me, Bolton

Pizza Me, Bolton
Last week my health conscious yet pizza loving husband came home waxing lyrical about a new pizza place which had opened up the road from where he works. They were offering fresh, home made pizzas for £3.95 at lunch and £4.95 in the evening. He always has a healthy lunch, but this was just too tempting! 

When he suggested we go for lunch last Saturday, I was interested in seeing what all the fuss was about, and whether they were really offering anything decent for £3.95. In all honesty I imagined some little shop with plastic seats, sort of semi takeaway-ish. I was rather impressed by the large green building with a decent car park.  
Pizza Me, Bolton
Inside has a modern bar area with a lounge to one side. The main restaurant is bright and spacious with modern prints and chunky wooden tables and benches. They don't look the most comfortable of articles, but I can't say that it was a problem for us. The only issue we could see with these was the inability to wipe down the rough wood after little spillages have occurred.

As well as pizzas, they also have an inviting list of pasta and salads, and a list of house specials.

Polpete pomadoro: This was Italian meatballs in a spicy tomato and basil sauce served with toasted bread. The sauce was flavourful and didn't taste bought in (always a good sign - and if it was, it was half decent!), and the meatballs were well seasoned.

Dough balls: They may be a tad boring, but I love them! Crisp on the outside, but warm and fluffy on the inside.
Pizza Me, Bolton - starters
Pollo pepperonata: All the pizzas are home made, so you get that lovely irregular shaped base and inviting fresh bread smell. They are a medium size and come whole with a cutter. They don't have a huge amount of toppings, but you really can't argue for £3.95. Even so, I only managed half of mine so they boxed the rest up so I could take it home.
Pizza Me, Bolton - pizza
Salami: This picture probably doesn't do the taste justice, and perhaps there could have been a little more 'scattering' of the toppings, but my husband had devoured the whole thing before I could finish slice two...
Pizza Me, Bolton - pizza
Waffles and ice cream: I love waffles with ice cream. These were not the home made variety, and could have been improved by being served warm, as they were a little firm for my liking. Otherwise, they would have been rather tasty.
Pizza Me, Bolton - dessert
Chocolate fudge cake: Again, not home made but decent value for money at £3.85 with a choice of ice cream.
Pizza Me, Bolton - dessert
At around £30 for a three course meal and two rounds of drinks, Pizza Me is ideal for a cheap lunch out, and won't break the bank if you have a couple of kids in tow. There was a family sat nearby whose children seemed to be loving their pizzas, whilst mum and dad seemed just as contented. Our lovely waitress appeared to be struggling with her English a little bit, but she made up for it with her smiles and charm.

Don't go expecting the world, but in terms of value for money, there are not many other places like it.
Pizza Me, Bolton - Menu
Click on the menu to enlarge

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  1. Ohh that all looks fantastic!! Really good value for money too!! Ohh yum! Waffles and ice cream my fave dessert :)

  2. I've been back a couple of times on my lunch break. Had two mains last time, the waiter didn't know what was happening... How do you say 'bulking season' in Italian?

  3. Oooh, this is near us, I might have to try it out.


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