Tuesday 8 October 2013

Whitworths Great Office Bake Off

Whitworth's Sugar

I was recently approached by Whitworths Sugar to see if I fancied hosting a Great Office Bake Off. Hmm... cake... friends... Yes! I've teamed up with my buddy, colleague and fellow blogger Dawn from Mummy's Little Peeps to host a fantastic day of cakey goodness.
Although this is going to be tremendous fun, we predominantly decided to do this to support a cause very dear to our hearts. The kind folk at Whitworth's have offered to donate £200 to the charity we are working so hard to support in our workplace. Earlier this year, a dear friend of ours lost her baby boy Charlie and nearly her own life too. The care she received from the Royal Bolton Hospital meant that she's here with us today.

Tragedy has a strange way of pulling folk together, and we found our friends and colleagues to be no exception. On 20th October our brave and selfless pal Gemma will be hurling herself off a crane to raise funds for Charlie's legacy.

We've already had a fantastic bake sale at work to raise much needed cash for the unit, so decided to do something a little different this time round, and involve a few more baking soldiers, so decided to get the Bolton Clandestine Cake Club involved too. Since we are already meeting this month, we thought it would be fun to invite colleagues along to join in some sugary shenanigans. We even have a couple of ex-colleages coming along for the ride.
Whitworths Great Office Bake Off

If you would like to join our cakey gathering, please visit the Clandestine Cake Club Bolton site. Or, if you fancy doing your own bake off, visit the #GOBO Facebook app, download the toolkit, have a butcher's at the Whitworths For Baking website, or tweet them @WhitworthsSugar. Please use the hashtag #GOBO so we can see them all!

Please visit our Charlie's Angels Giving Page to read Debbie's story in her own words, or to make a donation.

Here are some of the wonderful pictures from our Charlie's Angels bake sale we held a few weeks ago. I made a Cherry Bundt Cake using Whitworth's golden caster sugar and icing sugar.
Whitworths Great Office Bake Off Whitworths Great Office Bake Off Whitworths Great Office Bake Off Whitworths Great Office Bake Off Whitworths Great Office Bake Off Whitworths Great Office Bake Off


On 20th October our pal Gemma did her bungee jump sponsored by experiencedays.co.uk, so our current fundraising total is well over our £2500 target!

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