Monday 24 June 2013

Meal Planning Monday - Chicken Lickin'...

Meal Planning Monday
When I'm on a diet or 'healthy eating regime' (whatever - it just means I can't eat as much cake), my inner demons are tempting me from every angle. I'm really greedy too. I just can't help myself... Well, my husband is the opposite. He really doesn't see the point of cheating, and lacks the sweet tooth I am a slave to.

He's been caning the gym recently, so we're fusing Slimming World with the high protein meals he wants too. That means chicken. Lots of chicken. Chicken here, chicken there, chicken effing everywhere. So, I'm trying to dress paltry poultry up into something a bit different each night.

The Schwartz 'Perfect Shake' seasonings are really good; I already have the cajun and Italian ones, but today I also invested in the tandoori and peri peri ones. They're syn free and liven up either meat or potatoes. Just spritz with Fry Light first then brush on the seasoning, or scatter over your chips before baking. You can also add them to fat free yoghurt for a tasty marinade. And no, this isn't a sponsored post, I just really like them!
Schwartz 'Perfect Shake'
So our week is a little like this...

Monday: Piri piri chicken with mini jackets, steamed veg and low fat coleslaw (5 syns)
Tuesday: Tandoori chicken (yogurt marinade) with chips and steamed veg (Free)
Wednesday: Roasted chicken (made with Oxo chicken seasoning) with jersey royals and roasted veg (1/2 syn)
Thursday: I'm out for tea with my friend Emma.
Friday: Big do at Solita...
Saturday: Some sort of recovery meal... Not decided yet. Maybe a chilli?
Sunday: Out with friends for some American thing at Port Street. This can only end badly.

On the up-side, I'm still lighter than I was last week and that includes living through cake club, Sunday lunch at Grenache and a trip to Solita. Not bad!

I never promised to be perfect...

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  1. Oooh, they sound good will have to check them out! That is an impressive amount of chicken, but still great varied meals!


    1. I may well turn into a chicken... Chicken ideas welcome folks!


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