Monday 10 June 2013

Meal Planning Monday - the calm before the storm...

Meal Planning Monday
My name is Rachel and I am a greedy pig. This week has been a monumental fail. I have been one or the other; an effing saint or a total health heathen. I have stuck to healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but also troffed in between. First there was the Frederick's incident... Yes... it was good.
Fredericks Ice Cream
Next came a weekend of gluttony. Pizza and wedges at the darts, the new menu at Brewdog, and then Grillstock. Yes, two lots of barbecue in one day. The bible warns about gluttony, it just didn't tell you how painful it is seeing that you have put two and a half pounds back on! Mothertrucker... It's all my own fault. I may have eaten my own body weight in fruit and veg, but I'm drinking practically nothing and snacking on all the wrong things.
Brewdog Manchester
Grillstock Manchester
I'm not even going to pretend to be a saint this week, because I'm going to London on Thursday and have six restaurants planned in two days. This will end badly. However, I will still plan my other meals in an attempt to get at least some healthy food in before the trip...

Monday: Gammon, roasted jersey royals and mixed veg
Tuesday: Chicken with spicy wedges and broccoli
Wednesday: Home made burgers with salad and sweet potato fries 
Thursday: The Ledbury, London
Friday: Patty and Bun, London
Saturday: Jacket potato with cheese, low fat coleslaw, pickles and vegetables.
Sunday: It's Horwich Carnival, so there will be cake involved - I'm baking for out WI stall! 

Oh well. I've had an ace weekend so it was all worth it! Damage limitation... 

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  1. Lovely sounding menu. And enjoy London - soooo jealous you're going to The Ledbury, it's a fabulous! Looking forward to hearing all about it!


  2. Enjoy London, will look forward if you do a review at The Ledbury or Patty and Bun x


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