Friday 11 May 2012

Cath Kidston Summer Collection

You all know I love Cath Kidston, but this week my love for them has grown even more. They have kindly donated a prize for our Sugar Plum Pop Up Bakery event in July. I was overwhelmed when they contacted me to pledge their support! So before I prattle on, a big thank you to Cath and the team! 

In other news, I received my new summer brochure through the post last week... So many pretty things... Here are my highlights of their current range...

Pack of 24 Jubilee Canape Flags

You know I have already purchased these for my jubilee celebrations...

Royal Rose Dress 

I bought this vintage style dress and the cardigan below for the breakfast the day after my brother's wedding. It's a July wedding so fingers crossed for sun! The cardigan is sparkly... Ohhh.... 

Lace Stitch Short Sleeve Cardigan

And on the 'want' list...

Pinny Flowers Round Dog Bed Medium

The girl would love this! She's a cat, but we won't tell her...

Victoria Rose Pumps

I wore my last Cath Kidston pumps to death. Literally. 
They perished on the way back from the dentist. RIP pumps.

Hampton Rose iPhone 4 Case

Good god I need this! My beautiful birds case is geting a little worn (well loved), so this would be the perfect replacent! Plus, this one is soft rather than lacquered..

Antique Rose Bouquet Eiderdown

Bask in the beauty that is the Antique Rose Eiderdown. 
It is at this point that I have truly turned into my mother. I adore it. One day...

Disclaimer: Cath Kidston did not ask me to do this review. I am a genuine fanatic. It will ruin me. Heed my warning.

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