Friday 13 December 2013

Kenwood vs Kitchenaid - A Quick Guide...

Early in my DollyBakes adventures, I turned the ripe old age of 30. The big 3-0. I was gutted. However, on the up-side, my parents bought me a shiny new baby pink Kitchenaid mixer. I loved her so much I gave her a name - Petal.

One of the perks of spending all my free time writing about food, is that brands trust my judgement enough to ask my opinion. A few weeks ago I was approached by a lovely lady from Kenwood who asked me to put one of their Titanium Chef mixers through its paces. Similar in terms of ability, size and price, I was interested to see the differences between my two mixers. He was obviously a boy - Mr Wood.

So I thought I'd have a bash at answering one of the burning questions asked by many bakers - Kenwood or Kitchenaid? I've split my findings down into several headings in order to keep some structure to my otherwise rambling thoughts... This is by no means a detailed review of either, but is meant more as a guide for anyone thinking of investing. They are an expensive bit of kit, so it's important to get the right one for you.


Let's start with some of the product basics. I doubt any of these will be deal breakers, but are worth knowing, especially if worktop space is at a premium. One of the things that really surprised me here was the power quoted in their product information, as they felt about the same when using them. In terms of noise, I'd say the Kitchenaid is marginally louder. Click on the headings for a full spec of each.

Power 300W
Capacity 4.83 litres
Weight 10.65kg
Dimensions 35.3H x 22.1W x 35.8D
Guarantee 5 years

Power 1400W
Capacity 4.6 litres
Weight 7.7kg
Dimensions 29.7H x 22.7W x 40.0D
Guarantee 5 years


If you shop around there can be quite a difference in price for both models, but you're looking at around £450 for the Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer, and £500 for the Kenwood Titanium Chef.

It's pretty much a draw here, because you get more in the box of the Kenwood.


I was attracted to Kitchenaid by the range of colours. I'm not going to lie to you, I wanted a baby pink mixer because it was pretty. Granted, the machines also had a great reputation! The Kenwood is a sturdy, dependable build, with a brushed metallic finish. When I put them side by side, they are pretty much identical in size too.

Kitchenaid wins.


The crunch.

As much as I love my Kitchenaid, I had an utter nightmare after buying it, which I am sure would have put most people off. I'm sorry to say that I had six mixers within seven months, and the last one has been back to the factory to be fixed not long after it arrived. Luckily, I got it from Selfridges and benefitted from some amazing customer service. It's a little noisy even now, but is working with no problems. And under guarantee. Speed is controlled by a lever on the left hand side, and the head is tilted with another lever on the right. My only criticism here is that both are a little clunky. However, it produces great results.

The Kenwood was an absolute dream to use. From fitting the bowl and attachments, to creaming butter and sugar - it was a delight. It offers great control in terms of speed, as unlike the Kitchenaid, the dial on the side speeds up the beaters gradually, rather than by clicking up to the next speed. The head tilt mechanism is also nice and smooth. The only down side is that it doesn't feel as 'heavy duty' as the Kitchenaid. The attachment areas are quite delicate, but do have a nice firm 'click' on closing them.

Both yield wonderfully light cakes and make baking a doddle.

A draw. When push comes to shove, I'd happily use either.

What comes in the box?

The Kitchenaid comes with a splashguard, whisk, dough hook and beater.

The Kenwood arrives in the biggest box ever, because it houses a splashguard, whisk, dough hook, beater, creaming beater, a blender and a food processor!

Round goes to Kenwood.

The Verdict

So that means it's a draw, which I think is a fair assessment of using the two side by side. Both have pros and cons, but ultimately make beautiful cakes with ease. I love my pretty Kitchenaid, and despite all the problems I've had with mine, I'd still recommend the product as my five year guarantee meant all that was sorted. I know lots of people who have them and have experienced no problems at all.

I was really pleasantly surprised by the Kenwood too. It was really easy to use and gives you so much control when you're baking. I now understand why my #teamKenwood friends love them so much. Sturdy, dependable and often the family favourite over generations. I know several people who are using their grandmothers' machines which are still going strong today!

You'll love either machine, so it really boils down to which of the above are more important to you.

What do others say?

All of this is just my humble opinion, so I decided to ask the font of knowledge which is Twitter... Here's what they thought...
@orangemartini I have a Kenwood and absolutely love it. It's so versatile and I use it for all my baking!
@HungryHoss I got a Kitchenaid... I like it coz it looks good and matches my kettle, blender and toaster'
@IamJamJar I'm the third generation of Kenwood user in my family and love it. They last forever.
@Heisenburger Great machines, they don't change the design and most parts are replaceable. PLus 5 year guarantee. (Kitchenaid)
@BillKing Have a Kenwood and wouldn't swap.
@CakesbySian I have a Kitchenaid at home and a Kenwood at work. Much prefer the Kitchenaid. Seems stronger, deeper bowl and faster.
@FarmersBolton I have both, Kitchenaid at the pub and Kenwood at home. I prefer my Kenwood as it's not as temperamental.
@CakesKJT I've always had Kenwood's kitchen electricals. My nana and mum had them as well!
@patricia_kehoe It looks far nicer and is more powerful than the Kenwood.
@LucyLocketCakes I love my Kitchenaid! I don't think you could ever break it.
@DerickKF Kenwood all the way having used both frequently through the years!
@BlunderousBaker I have a Kitchenaid, I think they attract people because they look more stylish.
@Franglaiscook I love my Kenwood chef.
@BakingElements I cannot do without my Kitchenaid. Though for me it was an impulse buy for their special edition red!

If you have any other questions, I'm more than happy to help where I can. 

There is one thing I would like to know from you lot though... what's your mixer called?

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  1. My in-laws just bought me a Kenwood for Christmas - although I had set my sights on a Kitchenaid, I have to say the Kenwood is amazing, easy to use, solid, and I can't stop churning out mince pies now just to make more pastry! I have the Kenwood patissiere model, which is almost identical to the Kitchenaid in style, has all the same fittings you listed above and came in much cheaper overall.

  2. What kind of problems did you have with your Kitchenaid? I've got the same one (in pink as well!) and it has always worked perfectly.

    1. They were all different problems. First was scratched, then gears, speed, locking mechanism... It was all going on. Looked like a problem with production at the time. All's fine now...

  3. My mum has her Kenwood from the 70's and it's still going strong so I too am a Kenwood lover and they do a retro style mixer too which is stunning. Plus they're British. Wins hands down. Fab review!

  4. This is a great and helpful review.
    I owned a Kenwood in the 80's and lost it when I got divorced. My ex and his family broke into the house and took lots of stuff while I was out at work one day!
    I missed it terribly but hankered after a Kitchenaid when I saw all the TV chefs and bakers using them. Then one day a Kenwood was given to me as a surprise Valentine gift by my dear and current husband! It was the best present ever and I love it.
    It did have a fault though ~ it occasionally wouldn't start on turning the dial. This was quickly resolved under guarantee by taking it to the nearest Kenwood service centre, so I'm very happy.
    If I lost my Kenwood again I would probably have another one the same because of the cheaper price.


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