Wednesday 11 September 2013

Pi Chorlton

Pi Chorlton
Sometimes only a pie will do. There are days where faffy food just doesn't cut it; days where you sense that your pastry and mashed potato levels are dangerously low. I had made a trip to trendy Chorlton to visit Tiny's Tipple beer shop, and had been given the brief 'somewhere nice to sit' by my parents. We rocked up at Laundrette, took one look at the menu, and did one. It was not dad material. 

I did what I always do in a gastro-emergency - I sought help from Twitter. A few months ago, our friends Kev and Lucie had been to Pi, and raved about their crusted creations. After a quick reminder, our decision was made. Pies and beer... this had been a winning combo once before at Pie and Ale, so we gave it a whirl.
Pi Chorlton
The concept is simple. Four pies, three sides and more beer than you can safely shake a flagon at. It was glorious weather outside, so we sat on the terrace. Pies are provided by London legends, Pie Minister and sides are kept simple (and are happily lacking in eels). I'm proud to say that between the three of us, we sampled most of the menu!
Pi Chorlton - Menu
Although my husband @AllBeerNoBelly was stuck in work, I took plenty of pictures of the guest ales and had a good nosey through their beer directory. Yep, that's right, a full book. The nice pie man also gave us spicy nuts. What a guy. They were like crack...
Pi Chorlton - Menu
Heidi Pie - goat's cheese, sweet potato, spinach, red onion and roasted garlic with minty mushy peas: A veggie pie, yet the preferred option of my carnivorous mother. The filling was flavourful and the crust crisp.
Pi Chorlton - Heidi Pie
Peahock Pie - pulled ham and broad beans in a mustard and b├ęchamel sauce, with creamy mash and gravy: This was my pie of choice. I detest mustard, but took a chance. It paid off. The mustard was only subtle and added a bit of kick to the ham.
Pi Chorlton - Peahock Pie
Moo Pie - beef, real ale, onions, carrot, thyme and green peppercorns, with creamy mash and gravy: My dad has a tricky relationship with pepper. It's 'too spicy'. I'm convinced this is only a problem if he knows about it, so I didn't tell him. Bingo. He loved it. A rich hotpot style filling with lots of juice.
Pi Chorlton - Moo Pie
A nice little stop off if you've popped into Chorlton, with an impressive range of craft beers and a pleasant outdoor seating area for warmer days. It was an absolute bargain too; for three pies with sides and drinks it was less than £30. We'll be back at some point.

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  1. Cor those pies look delish - certainly worth a stop off at some point me thinks!

  2. Those pies look delicious and hearty, plus they are very good value for money x


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