Friday 24 May 2013

The Rivington, Blackrod (Revisited...)

The Rivington, Blackrod
We first went to The Rivington in June 2012, and have been several times since. We've used them a couple of times for cake club now, mainly because the rooms a spacious, clean and tidy, and the staff are so helpful.

The Rivington, Blackrod
This post is a bit of an update. The venue is now well established in the town and many of the initial (minor) teething problems have disappeared. This is a family venue which is just as suited to your pub enthusiast as it is to those visiting with children.

There is a main dining room, but there are lots of little off-shoots which provide a little more privacy, or there is an ample bar and lounge if you prefer just to visit for a drink. There are usually three ales on pump and there is quite a large wine list.

We decided to stay for a late lunch after cake club last week. I had every intention of having something Slimming World friendly... it just didn't happen. I did see a lady having a fresh looking chicken dish, just as my burger arrived. The burgers are of a good standard for a pub in Blackrod. They come on a fluffy white roll and are served with crisp bacon, melted cheese and sides of salad, salsa and fries. It came with a nice pink centre too.
The Rivington, Blackrod - Burger
My husband ordered the mixed grill with pepper sauce. It included a chargrilled burger, rare steak (as requested), gammon, sausages, chips and egg. Protein ahoy! Pub mixed grills are typically a plate full of old boot leather with a hard egg, but I nibbled some of this and can confirm it was very tasty indeed! They are obviously using decent produce judging from the texture and flavour.
The Rivington, Blackrod - Mixed Grill
Don't give me any more grief than the staff already did. Yes, I had just spent two hours eating cake, followed by a burger. I really struggle to leave a restaurant without having dessert. So I had raspberry cheesecake! This was the only part of the meal which needs a little improvement. The texture made me think it had been frozen, as it was a little granular and soggy in places. It tasted nice, but I only ate half. Perhaps this had something to do with the fact I was full to bursting though.

My husband had the hot chocolate fudge cake. No complaints here; it did exactly what it said on the tin. Soft sponge, gooey sauce and good quality ice cream (Mrs Dowson's).
The Rivington, Blackrod - Desserts
I'd recommend a trip to the Rivington if you're looking for a reasonably priced meal over the Bank Holiday weekend. You can book, but we've never had a problem getting a table. They also do a carvery on Sundays, which although I haven't tried this, I hear it's rather nice!

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