Sunday 16 December 2012

The Parlour, Chorlton

The Parlour, Chorlton
We love a good Sunday Roast. After hearing good things about The Parlour from every direction, we nipped over to Chorlton, lured by the promise of giant Yorkshires and pink beef. 

If you're thinking Chorlton is a bit 'down with the kids', you're not far wrong really! However, it seems to have been infiltrated with enough pleasant folk from afar that it is no longer a hive of hipsters with Tsar Nicholas II or Kaiser Wilhelm II style facial hair. There were a few minor celebrities in there (think Corrie and Shameless) but the vast majority of people were normal folk enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon. 

The staff at the Parlour are fantastic. Everyone is really friendly and they have genuine enthusiasm when describing the food. We hadn't planned on having starters, but the chap serving us had such passion for the celeriac and white onion soup that we found we had ordered it plus a ham and apricot terrine before we knew it! 

Both starters were outstanding examples of home cooked food. The terrine came with warm crusty bread and home made piccalilly, and the soup was a generous portion of warmth in a bowl with wholemeal bloomer. The soup was so good I actually stole it off my husband. He ended up finishing my terrine...
The Parlour, Chorlton
After the starters we both realised the error of our ways. We had both eaten big chunks of bread with filling portions of either soup or ham. Put it this way, we were no longer starving. Then the roasts arrived. Hell's teeth! Imagine going to an all you can eat roast buffet and someone well taking the Mick. Think Alan with his big plate. This was a huge pile of meat, veg and carbs. The pictures really do give you no idea of the scale or wonder that was placed before us. 

I have no shame in telling you that we did not finish our mains. Mine looked like a small shrew had given it a go, whereas my husband's was a little less embarrassing. If you're a fan of a roast, here's your place matey!  
The Parlour, Chorlton
The waitress who took our plates was sure that we wouldn't want a dessert menu, although she still asked. She obviously knew nothing of my 'separate cake stomach' super powers. We shared an apple tart with custard. This was supposed to come with ice cream, but I was very much in custard mode (like I hadn't consumed enough calories already...). The filling was light as a feather and it came with a wonderful toffee sauce. 

The only thing I would even contemplate changing would be the dessert menu. I would have liked to see something like a jam roly poly or even Christmas pudding on the menu at this time of year. 

We'll be visiting the Parlour again in the near future...

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