Friday 7 December 2012

Miracle on High Street, Manchester

Miracle on High Street, Manchester
I decided my friend Heather needed a night out. She's been cooped, like a chicken, in a coop for weeks after an operation on her shoulder. Cue one grumpy girl. There was only one thing for it. A trip to Manchestershire for Christmas markets, the purchase of cheese, modelling of ridiculous hats and gluttony at Miracle on High Street. This is the latest pop up from those scamps behind Almost Famous, Socio Rehab, Home Sweet Home and Keko Moku. We had high hopes.
Heather and her hats
We walked through the wardrobe (Socio Rehab...), up some stairs and arrived in Narnia. Ok ok... it wasn't the real Narnia... that's a cupboard at work. It was a room filled with dry ice, Christmas trees and a smily girl waiting to greet us! We were taken through to the next room which opened into a bar, bedecked with festive fun. 

We had a chat with some nice chap behind the bar, who assured us that it wouldn't be considered bad form to order as much as we had planned. He even gave us a lovely sample of mulled cider whilst we considered the menu. We both opted for the Miracle Sandwich (turkey, roast potatoes, cranberry and clementine pork stuffing, shredded brussels sprouts, bacon and spice, pigs in blankets and gravy - not even jesting). As if this isn't enough to kill most people, we both ordered Miracle Fries and more pigs in blankets. We also got full sized mulled ciders. Mwah ha ha!
Miracle on High Street, Manchester
Oh what a mess we made! Despite our best efforts, there is no graceful way of eating this. My advice is to lean over the table unless you want to wear it! The Miracle Sandwich is exactly what it claims to be; a Christmas dinner on a soft bun. It was delirious! I'm considering asking for a bun on Christmas Day. The slightly spiced fries are very similar to those at Almost Famous. Not a bad thing. A mixture of sweet and normal potato with a festive herb and spice seasoning. We may have overdone it with the extra pigs in blankets, although you would never have known it judging from how we left our plates. Warriors. They also make the prettiest cocktails I have ever seen!

I'm not sure how long they are open for, and they were tight-lipped about what it will turn into after the festive period. Make the most of it whilst it's still there. The perfect get away from the mania that is the markets. And they play Elf on a loop...

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  1. @madcatlez (Heather)7 December 2012 at 17:03

    A very accurate write up of a wonderfully festive eating experience!
    (mental note, don't let Dolly take the hat pictures on HER phone next time!)

  2. Ok I should not read this before going to sleep b/c it's making me sooo hungry right now! All this food looks yummy.


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