Wednesday 21 November 2012

Peggy Porschen, London

Peggy Porschen, London
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I first fell in love with Peggy Porschen when I reviewed her book a few months ago. Good God. A pink shop full of cake. I even tested a marble bundt from her book. Amazing. From this moment forth, I was destined to go to her shop in London.

We went to Peggy Porschen about two hours after eating at St John. It was miles away from where we were staying, and meant a crazy treck through Belgravia in the dark, but I was going to this shop if it killed me. There it was. That familiar pink shop front.

You walk through the door into a treasure trove of pastel perfection. Lamp shades are made from cake tins, labels are perfectly hand written, flowers decorate tables and there are edible goodies everywhere.
Peggy Porschen, London
We decided on a nice cup of tea with a slice of carrot cake. We were still stuffed from St John's, but couldn't leave without sampling the goods! Just for the purposes of reporting back of course... gluttony has absolutely nothing to do with this whatsoever...

Their gingerbread tea is a little bit of heaven. Not quite as strong as chai, this is a delicately spiced drink; perfect for reducing feet from actual trotters to delicate tootsies. Their carrot cake is beautifully moist with a generous helping of cream cheese frosting. Almost as good as Lucie's...
Peggy Porschen, London
 If you're a lover of cake and find yourself in London, it's definitely worth a detour to Peggy's.
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