Friday 9 November 2012

Tea Hive, Chorlton

Tea Hive, Chorlton
A few weeks ago, we were having our morning cuppa before work when something caught our eye on the BBC news. We heard the key words 'tea shop' and more importantly 'cake'. Sold! The BBC reporter was live from the Tea Hive in Chorlton.

We are always really busy at the weekend, so when our plans changed on the last minute we decided to pop over to Chorlton for a spot of breakfast. Breakfast which involves cake.
Tea Hive, Chorlton
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It's a really pretty little shop with old dressers and baskets packed with home made preserves and pretty floral teapots. The counter is packed with plates of brownies, jars full of scented tea and cake stands piled with a wide variety of home baked goods. Needless to say I liked it here. They were busy as a bugger, but the staff were always polite and helpful and didn't mind a nosy parker like me taking lots of photos like some weird cake paparazzi...
Tea Hive, Chorlton - Breakfast
We both decided on a bacon butty on thick doorstep bread. The bread was soft and fresh and the bacon was perfectly crisp. I added brown sauce and my husband had his with cheese. Fancy. They have lots of different teas to choose from, but because there was a bit of a nip in the air I decided on a nice house chai. Not too spicy, just the right amount of heat to warm the cockles. I don't take sugar in my tea, but this was served with honey. Couldn't resist... Turns out it's lovely in chai!

I was not leaving this establishment without sampling some cake. After much stalking of the counter, I picked the almond and cherry cake and my husband had the sunken orange and chocolate cake. These slices are massive! There are no skinny portions here ladies and gents! Saying that, don't share one. You have to try at least two! Mine was a nice firm sponge with real cherries and cream cheese frosting. My only criticism was that I would have preferred more sugar in the frosting. But that's just my preference. The orange and chocolate cake was really dense and moist; the perfect amount of cake clagginess to accompany a hot drink. Lovely.

Go to the Tea Hive for a relaxing morning with good food, tasty cakes and a lovely bit of chintz...

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