Thursday 11 October 2012

Bake Me I'm Yours... Chocolate by Tracey Mann

Bake Me I'm Yours... Chocolate by Tracey Mann
It's Chocolate Week, so imagine my excitement when this cheeky little number appeared! It's from one of my favourite series of books, the Bake Me I'm Yours range. Fun little books which combine tricks of the trade with brilliant recipes that give you the freedom to either follow a guide, or create something of your own. This one is by Tracey Mann, renowned cake maker and chocolate tousling goddess. These little books would make excellent stocking fillers too... Ok give me a break! I've been eating clementines and macaroons today so it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

True to form, this book starts with the basics. These are enough to turn you from sticky-fingered buffoon to chocolate tamer extraordinaire! It goes through:

  • Tools 
  • How to temper chocolate (I can hear the gasps and shrieks from here...)
  • Dealing with chocolate paste
  • Working with coloured cocoa butter
Bake Me I'm Yours... Chocolate by Tracey Mann
It then has a section with your basic stock recipes which will have you ready for chocolate action toot-sweet. They include:

  • Chocolate sponge
  • Cupcakes
  • Brownies
  • Chocolate Bites
  • Ganache
  • Truffles
  • Buttercream

There are some fantastic little creations in here which are perfect for wrapping up as gifts too. Imagine... home made truffles in little bags with red ribbon. Yes...

Now this is where this fabulous little book will distill any fear of working with chocolate. It's had many of us swearing in our kitchens over the years, so Tracey has a step by step approach to her 'Decorations' section. These implements would ordinarily have a novice quaking in their boots, but the informative pictures are there to calm and sooth. She covers:

Bake Me I'm Yours... Chocolate by Tracey Mann
Chocolate flower using transfer sheets
  • The sugar gun (think glue gun, only with sugar! Really!)
  • A beadmaker
  • Moulds
  • Lollipops
  • Transfer sheets (now these are nifty!)
  • Flowers

Now comes the clever bit. Putting it all together into projects. I like this bit. In isolation, they are utterly terrifying. Broken down into stages they are totally achievable. These are in sections:

  • True Love
  • Wedded Bliss
  • Birthday Treats
  • Festive Indulgence
  • More Excuses 

I really enjoyed flicking through this book with a cup of tea. As with all of this range, it inspires ideas as well as giving you projects to try.

Publisher: David and Charles, 2009
Hardback, £9.99
Purchase: To order please visit RUCraft and quote code R11785 upon checkout or call RUCraft on 0844 8805851.
Disclaimer: I reviewed this book because it's full of chocolate goodies, perfect for Chocolate Week.

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