Sunday 22 April 2012

Bags of Love - My New Apron!

A couple of months ago I was on a crazed mission to get a personalised apron made. I wanted a plain white one with my DollyBakes logo across the front. With all the personalised gift companies out there, I was fairly confident that this wouldn't be a problem. After about two weeks I gave up, quite frankly because the general quality was rubbish, or you had to order about 5000. 

A couple of weeks ago a lady called Pina from Bags of Love contacted me asking if I would review one of her company's products. First thing I looked for... an apron. There it was, in all it's glory. What these folk can do with your jpegs is amazing! Rather than just offer the bog standard picture in the middle of the apron, they can do the whole apron as a picture or a montage. 

They kindly sent me an apron with my logo across the front. What they didn't know, is I am a 'super-picky-OCD-perfectionist type'. Their product is fantastic. Really thick yet soft material which is machine washable, and the logo is crisp (and not that naff iron on type). The aprons below start at £34.99 and take only 1 to 2 days to arrive.
Visit their site, there are lots of original gift ideas; from the standard canvases and cards to more obscure items like deck-chairs and iPhone cases! They also have a really nice range of design anniversary gifts which go through the different materials associated with the year e.g. paper, cotton, leather, silk and wood.

I'll definitely be using this company again. Fantastic product, friendly people and great gift ideas! 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Bags of Love contacted me via my website. They did not tell me which product I had to review, but gave me free reign. I reviewed this product not because I felt I had to, but because it's excellent quality and I genuinely love it!


  1. Love the apron - definitely going to take a look at this website :)

    1. It's really nice material too, almost velvety. I love it!

  2. So cute!!! I always like to wear an apron when I cook. Maybe I'll make one of my own. :)


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