Friday 6 July 2018

80/20 Health Bar and Kitchen, Bolton

80/20 Health Bar and Kitchen, Bolton
I am known for stuffing my face on a regular basis. My Instagram feed is quite frankly a disgrace, and shows quite clearly that I am Pig of the Week, every week. My friend Anna and I love nothing more than plotting a Great Escape from the office, which in the past was limited to Peckish Pony* or Frankie and Benny's unless we were willing to shlep further afield.

Then shone a shiny new kid on the block in the form of 80/20 Health Bar and Kitchen. Owners Tahir and Mina took what was a wreck of a building where pigeons lived, and transformed it into a spacious and airy restaurant serving fresh, healthy food. We were in love! Their ethos is simple; 'nutritious, wholesome ingredients with freshly ground spices, bringing you deliciously healthy food in just 10 minutes', which is perfect when you're on your lunch break.

Whether you're a body builder, mobile worker, catching up with friends, or daft girls on lunch breaks, everyone is made welcome and we always have a nice chat with the staff, and have genuinely considered working from here ourselves. 

It's a bit of a long standing joke, but we always have the same thing when we go. We just cannot deviate because we both love the dishes so much.

Satay chicken with basmati rice, stir-fry vegetables and peanut satay sauce
CAL 562 | FAT 27g | S.FAT 11g | CARB 48g | PRO 24.5g
Anna's choice. A great mix of sweet and savoury, and very filling. This is a decent sized lunch, ideal for a crackers Zumba teacher who will be killing herself in a sweatbox later on that evening. Or indeed if she decides to sit on the couch and watch This is Us until the early hours. Whichever.
80/20 Health Bar and Kitchen, Bolton
Grilled halloumi wrap - slices of grilled halloumi with mixed salad and sweet chilli sauce with sweet potato fries
CAL 345 | FAT 14.5g | S.FAT 6g | CARB 33g | PRO 19g (not including fries)
My choice, and actual heaven. One day I promise to try something different, but for now, I'm hooked. I cannot get enough of halloumi, so this is perfect for me. There isn't too much in the wrap, which would sky-rocket the calories and fat content, but there's enough to satisfy the craving. Lots of crunchy salad and a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce make it a little more substantial, plus I always order a side of sweet potato chips as a treat. They are so crispy and wonderful, without being saturated in grease. Makes me feel better about the Milkybar later.
80/20 Health Bar and Kitchen, Bolton
We go here at least once a week because we can be back in work within 45 minutes if needed, and the food is delicious. The menus include nutritional information, and all meals are already hooked up to My Fitness Pal, so tracking your macros couldn't be easier. The breakfast menu looks rather exciting too, so I think I'll be making a trip for steak and eggs some time soon.

Go here for tasty yet healthy food, in a relaxed setting. Muscle vest optional.

* Okay so it's actually the Hungry Horse, but we have literally never called it that.

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