Monday 20 March 2017

Cream Tea Bundt Cake

Cream Tea Bundt Cake
Can’t decide what to get Mum for Mother’s Day? What says ‘I created something excellent, well done me’, than offspring who bake you something magnificent? Not only does Mum get to stuff her face with some wonderful cake, but she can show off to her pals what talented spawn she really has. It’s a win win.

When Homepride asked me to make something Mother’s Day related, it had to be a play on the traditional cream tea; a moist scone, split in two, with thick strawberry jam, and enough cream to ward off brittle bones until you’re 97. This isn’t essential, but I also added a glug of gin to mine, as a cheeky nod to Mother’s Ruin!

Obviously, it isn’t Mother’s Day just yet, but I decided to test mine on my tame testers at work. I was a total renegade and removed a shelf from the milk fridge, so that I could store the cake until the generally accepted ‘cake time’ of 10.30am (not my rule - I have no such silly rules). The milk fridge is steeped in office politics, and believe me, this was a bold move. Luckily for me, this misdemeanour did not get me fired; on the contrary, it created lots of ‘oooh’ noises from the whole floor. Needless to say, lots of people sampled cake on Friday, and the missing shelf from the fridge was replaced before too much drama was created...
For the full details, please pop over to the Homepride website! Recipe coming soon... 
Cream Tea Bundt Cake

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