Friday 31 July 2015

Taste Testing - Crank's Organic Wholemeal Bread

I get asked to test out all sorts of foods and products, but I can only say yes if I can imagine actually eating or using them. When Crank's asked if I'd like to sample their organic wholemeal loaves, I could see how this would go down. 

I work on a hungry team. We have a massive biscuit box (my doing), deal with cakes in seconds and love a bit of breakfast to set us up for the day. I was already dreaming of freshly buttered toast with some decent raspberry jam. 

Yesterday morning I delivered platters of this lovely bread in various guises to the team area. Cue a swarm of hungry workers... They came from all over the office after sniffing out our toast! Because we're a lovely little lot, we shared it out as we had plenty. The result was one very happy office. 
I asked them for some feedback, which in itself was quite amusing! It included:

  • 'Baby loves this toast' - see pic...
  • 'NOM' (when asked to expand...) 'NOM NOM'! Yes.
  • 'Love love the bread toasted... 10/10 for me'
  • 'Oh. My. God. #thisiswhyimfat'
  • 'Perfect for toast'
  • 'Much lighter than the weight of the loaf suggests'
  • 'Would definitely buy again'

So there you have it baking folk at Crank's! Turns out that a hungry tribe of Business Development Managers and their pals approved whole-heartedly. Our recommendation? Get it toasted with jam.

1 comment:

  1. I'm a bit picky when it comes to bread so tend to make my own, but Cranks bread is really good and the only reason I don't buy it is that I can't find it anywhere.


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