Sunday 31 August 2014

Salvi's Cucina, Manchester

Salvi's Cucina, Manchester
Every so often I find somewhere that blows my little socks off. I have been aware of the existence of Salvi's Cucina for some time, yet it had slipped under the radar because I am generally nonplussed with Italian food. This is partially my own fault as I always have the same thing whenever I go to an Italian restaurant. The only one to ever really wow me was the long departed Italia, and I have been bereft ever since.

Last weekend my friend Lee and I may have got a little drunk at the food festival gala dinner, and started grilling Gordo about his favourite places to eat. He recommended Salvi's Cucina, and despite being slightly inebriated, I remembered.
Salvi's Cucina, Manchester
Cue the line 'where do you fancy eating on Saturday?' And there she blows, Salvi's popped right into my head. We arrived nice and early and were given a pretty little spot in the window. We had drinks in hand within five minutes and a jolly chap with a strong Italian accent brought us some menus. I liked him. The dining room is small, but was filled with the scent of sauce and fresh bread, and is home to many bottles of wine, hams and vegetables in crates.
Salvi's Cucina, Manchester
Everything on the menu sounds delicious, but it didn't take us long to decide what we were ordering.

Carpaccio di Manzo Rucola e Grana - beef, rocket and parmesan  drizzled with olive oil and balsamic, finished with freshly squeezed lemon: So simple yet unbelievably heavenly.
Salvi's Cucina, Manchester - Carpaccio
Bruschetta con Taleggio: Home baked bread with beautifully melted Taleggio cheese. I could eat this all day.
Salvi's Cucina, Manchester - Bruschetta
Home made potato and ricotta gnocchi with Italian pork sausages in a light Mediterranean tomato sauce: Eat these if you are starving, hung over, cold or sad. As you chew the gnocchi imagine them spreading happiness from the inside, because that is what is happening.
Salvi's Cucina, Manchester - Gnocchi
Lamb ravioli: This was one of the 'ravioli of the day', the other being mushroom. I would never normally pick pasta from a menu, but I had to give it a bash. I can honestly say that this was the best pasta I can ever remember eating. Little parcels of fragrant lamb in a creamy tomato sauce with miniature lamb meatballs. I'm doing that thing again where I get angry that it's no longer in front of me. I ate every scrap.
Salvi's Cucina, Manchester - Ravioli
Almalfi lemon tart: Half cake, half tart, smothered in rich chocolate sauce. We shared this because the pasta nearly killed us, yet we still polished the whole thing.
Salvi's Cucina, Manchester - Lemon Cake
My husband has declared Salvi's Cucina to be his new favourite place in Manchester. I have to say that I agree. Go for a relaxed dining experience, and expect fresh, authentic Italian food served by people who love what they do. Adored it.

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