Saturday 28 June 2014

Pitt Cue Co, London

Pitt Cue Co, London
So we found ourselves in London with a whole day to fill with food and beer. For the first time in ages there was nowhere that I had a burning desire to visit, so I consulted 'the list'. Pitt Cue Co has been on my radar since before it even opened. I read an article in one of the food magazines about a young chap called Tom who had a food truck and a whole lot of ambition. I was sold.

So why have we never been before? No reservations. Grrr. If I'm travelling all the way to London, I do not want to be disappointed - remember what happened the first time I tried to get a table at Lady Dinah's? It was not a happy tale. 
Pitt Cue Co, London
However, it was still on the list. Our train was due to get into Euston at 11am, and Pitt Cue Opens at 12pm, so we had ample time to get in line to sample some of their famous barbecued meat. I was all psyched up for a huge queue, and a long wait. No bugger there. I was amazed!

The restaurant is tiny with around twenty seats downstairs, a couple more in the bar upstairs and a few benches out front. We read the menu pinned to the net curtain rail, and listened to a few builders pondering whether a Rustler's burger can be eaten without microwaving. I would have thought not, or ever for that matter.

When the doors opened we were shown to the dining room where a pleasant young lady went through the specials with us, and offered drinks. The artwork is minimal and meat related, tables are small and the lights dim. If you like your personal space, forget it. I generally fall into this category, but my greed outweighs it sevenfold.
Pitt Cue Co, London
Lamb's heart: Busted. We had originally planned to go to St John, but Smithfield was closed and Bread and Wine had a full takeover. This scratched the itch for my offal loving husband. He practically inhaled it. I won't tell you what else he did, just rest assured it was rather ungentlemanly.
Pitt Cue Co, London - Lamb's Heart
Smoked chicken thighs: Actually one of the best things I have ever eaten, and I eat a lot. Sticky, sweet, smokey and moist. I have that anger I usually get when I am unable to summon something I actually loved. Hogwarts here I come.
Pitt Cue Co, London - Smoked Chicken Thighs
Beef fore rib: This was on the daily specials menu. It was cooked slowly on the bone, but was still beautifully pink and tender.
Pitt Cue Co, London - Beef Short Rib
Mash with bone marrow: Another option for the offal fan. Creamy and light with a healthy dollop of herb infused marrow and beef gravy.
Pitt Cue Co, London - Bone Marrow Mash
Pulled pork with sourdough, pickles and green chilli coleslaw: I know. Pulled pork went out with the Ark, and none of the cool kids are eating it any more. To coin the phrase from school, 'bothered'. I adore pulled pork. It embodies everything that is wonderful about barbecued food, and this was a particularly fine example. The tart pickles complimented it perfectly, as did the tangy coleslaw.
Pitt Cue Co, London - Pulled Pork
Well worth the wait. I know decent barbecue isn't hard to come by these days, but a good example of it is not watered down by it being readily available. Pitt Cue are not a carbon copy of the likes of Duke's, Bodean's and Red's. Their menu is small, changeable and wholly dependent on what produce is coming in that day, and I'm sure a little of what they fancy. Service is fast and friendly, and queuing is not a problem if you get there early, even on a Saturday.

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