Sunday 25 May 2014

Hooters, New York

Hooters, New York
I'm not even joking - I love Hooters. It all started with a brief, yet shameful addiction with watching Girls of the Playboy Mansion. My favourite of Heff's girls, Holly Madison would wax lyrical about the burger place she worked at in her youth. When we visited Las Vegas, I had to go - and then the obsession began...

It was like crack. I had a taste for it and had to return. Therefore when we booked New York, it was always going to happen. The fact that it was only about two blocks away from our hotel was a happy accident... Hooters is an amazing place. Yes, the girls are all absolutely stunning (I'm convinced they grow them from seeds in the back), but Hooters is a family kind of place. There's always a ball game on, the service is fantastic and the food and drinks are constantly flowing. 
Hooters, New York
Although they do the standard pitchers of the popular stuff like Bud Light, they also cater for the craft beer fans, which is much more of an established scene in the States. Stick that in your pipe Anheuser-Busch. The craft selection in New York included Dogfish Head's 60 Minute IPA, which is as rare as rocking horse poo here in the UK.
Hooters, New York - Beer
More than a mouthful cheeseburger: Cheeky... This takes some beating. The one I had in Vegas is still one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. They keep it really simple; 100% beef burgers (served pink), a choice of cheese, fresh salad and a brioche bun. My mouth is watering just telling you about this. Oh and curly fries. You've got to love curly fries.
Hooters, New York - Burger
Hot Wings: Not so hot that they blow your head off and ruin your beer, but a decent kick all the same.
Hooters, New York - Chicken Wings
Sides: Oh the cheese sauce. Cheese dreams are made of this. I think there's a very real possibility that I would kill to have this again. It's melted American cheese with jalapeno pieces. I'm literally livid that this is so far away from me at the moment (looks for passport). We also got a free portion of fried pickles because I checked in on Foursquare - who said it doesn't pay to be a social media geek?
Hooters, New York - Sides
Key Lime Pie: Once again, memories of Vegas still fresh in my mind, I was never going to pick anything else. Single-handedly the best Key Lime Pie comes from Hooters. I don't care where it's made, or how many E numbers are in it - this is dessert heaven. A crispy biscuit base (easy...) topped with a zesty lime filling and cream.
Hooters, New York - Key Lime Pie
Revisiting these photos has quite frankly made me utterly fuming. Why don't we have anything like this in the UK? Okay, I know there's one in Nottingham, but let's face it, it won't be the same on so many levels. Although the New York one is great, it's nothing compared to the Hooters in Vegas, but then again, everything is better in Vegas...

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  1. I nearly went to a Hooters while I was in the states but went to Bubba Gump's instead which was awesome! I love Vegas though once was probably enough....

  2. I want to visit if I ever get to go to New York, love your foodie pics x


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