Saturday 10 November 2012

Ladurée, London

Ladurée, London
I found Ladurée when flicking through my Tea and Cake London book a few months ago. Within days of reading about this magnificent place, lots of people started to mention it on Twitter. Ever get the feeling that you're being pushed to go somewhere? I'm so glad we did...

Finding Ladurée is your first mission. It's nestled at the back of the ground floor of Harrod's, but you have to go through the watch section to find it. Alternatively you can reach it from the street via the back of the shop. There are three others in London, but I particularly fancied the one in Harrod's. 
Ladurée, London
The entrance alone is spectacular. It reminds me of some fantastic toy shop, only it is filled with cakes rather than teddy bears. I have a little confession... there were massive 'no photography' signs everywhere. Oops! How on Earth could I eat somewhere so spectacular and not document it? It would have been a crying shame... so... on the sly I pretended to text!

Ladurée combines classical French service with some of the finest examples of cakes I have ever seen. Their menu is vast, with a wide variety of cakes, teas and coffees. My husband picked the Marie Antoinette tea, which was a mixture of black tea with rose petals, citrus and honey. This was sweet but not over powering. I had the Thé Mélange Spécial Ladurée; a mixture of black teas, rose petals, orange, bergamot, vanilla, cinnamon and caramel. Amazing! 

To accompany our drinks we had a selection of macarons in raspberry, almond and pistachio and a wonderful towered meringue, raspberry, cream and almond cake. I could eat one of these on the hour, every hour. Unbelievably good! The macarons were chewy with a crisp shell. There was nothing here that I did not love. 
Ladurée, London
I think Ladurée will become our new pit stop whilst staying in London.

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