Tuesday 28 August 2012

Meal Planning Monday - Week 3 of 5:2

Meal Planning Monday 5:2 Diet
I'm here at week three of the 5:2 diet, living to tell the tale. I know today is Tuesday, but before you have me done under Trade Descriptions... I was at the Bolton Food Festival getting very wet all day yesterday and made the executive decision to do my meal plan today. Plus, yesterday was still technically the weekend!

A few weeks ago I watched the Horizon documentary on BBC2 called Eat, Fast and Live Longer. Michael Mosley set himself a challenge; live longer, stay younger and lose weight by living the 5:2 diet. 

So what's the deal?
The idea was to 'fast' for 2 days every week and live a normal lifestyle for the other days. However, fasting doesn't mean eating nothing. Men can have 600 calories a day and women are allowed 500. Sounds great! I decided to try the diet, not only to lose weight but to see if I have the willpower to survive on 500 calories per day.
  1. Week one was 'lunch only' on fast days. I did my fasts on consecutive days. 
  2. On week two I changed things around a little. I spread my calories throughout the day and split my fast days.

So, this is what week two felt like...

  • It was much easier than week 1
  • My blood sugar levels were much better
  • I got a sense of achievement from it feeling easier than the previous week
  • I felt like I was having a mini detox on each fast day. On Wednesday night I was looking forward to the fast the next day (someone had been caning the buffets...)
  • I lost another 2lbs despite three buffets and three days of the Bolton Food Festival being in the same week.

  • The thirst is still an issue. On the flip side, I know this means I'm not drinking enough... Bad Rachel.
  • Not being able to eat Frederick's ice cream on Thursday night. I had to watch my husband. That was crap.
  • I was baking most of the week for the Food Festival. That was a killer when you're fasting...

This week's plan
  • I'm doing a mix of weeks one and two.
  • Fast days will be consecutive.
  • The 500 clories will be split over the day.

My husband has now stopped the 5:2 diet because he was losing too much weight! He is just using a fast day once in a while when he's been over-doing it.

So, here's the meal plan!

Monday: Normal day - covering the Bolton Food Festival again. The Hungry Gecko for lunch and sausage butties for tea!
Tuesday: Normal day - sandwich for lunch and a slice of carrot cake. Not really that hungry now... chances are I may just have another slice of cake...
Wednesday: Fast day - small chicken sandwich for lunch and turkey and bean stew for tea.
Thursday: Fast day - turkey salad sandwich for lunch and spiced red lentil soup for tea.
Friday: Normal day - ham salad wrap for lunch and not sure for tea! A treat might be in order...
Weekend: Normal days - we're off to Manchester to buy some holiday clothes (not long now...) so will probably eat out at least once.

Watch the documentary on iPlayer here.

Please note: I am following this diet because I saw the Horizon documentary. I am not qualified to advise others on dietary requirements. This diet is not suitable for everyone. If you have any questions, please speak to your GP.

Please leave your thoughts and own experiences of the 5:2 diet below... x


  1. I've just read your blog, and noticed that you don't mention breakfast, do you usually have breakfast?



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