Friday 24 February 2012

My Achy Cakey Heart...

It’s Valentine’s Day! 
Achy Cakey Heart
I need very little excuse to bake a whopping cake, but today’s effort had to be pink, sparkly and have a whiff of romance…
Although my husband protests that Valentine’s Day is (and I quote) ‘shit’… he bought me this beautiful heart-shaped bundt tin for the occasion! Now then. Such a magnificent tin deserves an equally magnificent cake. There will be no plain sponges here chick-a-dees.
I opted for a Nigella recipe in the end, but added a little pink colour paste and what can only be described as a shedload of iridescent glitter. I increased the amount of vanilla extract and drizzled the top with runny pink strawberry icing. I then topped it off with the edible glitter to create a glistening glaze. The colour pastes have a vibrancy that you just don’t get from the bottled type, and believe me a little goes a long way (remember, you can always add more, you cannot take away!). I left mine to look a bit swirly, so it made a nice pattern when the cake was cut. 
My team of fearless taste-testers (colleagues) demolished the cake pretty sharpish, so I’m fairly confident I can call this one a success!


  1. Oh Wow! These cake is so stunning! A lovely shape & so sweet of your hubby to bought you this heart shape bundt tin!

    1. I'd rather have a bundt tin than flowers anyday!


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