Thursday 10 May 2012

Illustrator Tom Hovey

Last Christmas, my husband commissioned a chap he met on Twitter to do a picture of my beloved puss cat, Poppy. I absolutely adored it, and it now has pride of place in our living room. He mentioned at the time that this type of painting wasn't typical of the artist's style, so I had a butchers at his website. Tom Hovey is one talented guy! He has a real eye for detail and his imagination fills in the rest.
Poppy by Tom Hovey
Tom caught my husband's eye because he has done all the illustrations for the Great British Bake Off Series. His work is bold and bright, and captures the excitement of the finished cake perfectly! Here are some of his illustrations for the show...
For my 30th (booo... hissss... yes, it's still raw...) my husband asked Tom to do another picture, but this time let his imagination go wild! The result was the caricature below. I absolutely love it! This picture hangs in my kitchen.
DollyBakes by Tom Hovey
The chap is clearly a genius, and I'm sure we'll get more artwork from him in the future. 

Check out Tom's other work on his blog, his website and on Twitter @TwistedLoaf

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