Sunday 6 May 2012

Cupboard hell to storage heaven!

I've got to that point where no amount of cupboard tidying can keep my collection of baking goods organised. Nordic Ware and cake stands live on top of my cupboards, I have a spice shelf, essences colours and raising agents aso have a shelf of their own, a cupboard dedicated to tins and hundreds of rogue cases, adornments and cutters! It's got out of hand! The more I tidy, the less in control I feel. I decided I needed either:
a - a lottery win to fund my new massive house with a gigantic kitchen
b - better storage

After Lotto let me down horribly, I started looking for some sort of boxes to keep said rogue items in. How rubbish is normal storage?! Boring! I mean, Lock n Lock has its place, but I wanted something a little more interesting. After almost giving up and contemplating life as the junk lady from Labyrinth or a Mr Trebus tribute act, I found these!

They are actually gift boxes from Paperchase. I bought the large ones, which at £4.25 a pop, aren't as expensive as some of the plain kitchen ones either. They are part of the vintage style Prairie Rose collection, which starts at just £2. Perfect for prezzies or cookie cutters!

Disclaimer: Paperchase did not ask me to review this product. It was a genuine find after a genuine cupboard emergency...

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